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New Sanctuary Expedition

A deal was struck between Melanthris and Ghal Pelor after weeks of tense negotiations. The High Elves of Melanthris has been forced to confront the greatest threat to their nation, starvation. Their farmlands are underproducing, afflicted by plague and the superstitious farmlanders difficult to manage. The situation in their opinion is beyond repair so instead, they've contracted with Ghal Pelor to establish a jointly governed community that will provide sustainable food for the elves and in return will be paid handsomely for their exports.
Ghal Pelor is responsible for the security of the caravan and Melanthris will take over protecting them once the settlement is established. The call has gone out all through Ghal Pelor, her Farmlands and townships as well nearby allies such as Homestead. Artisans and farmers from across the land are joining the caravan to set out for a new opportunity far across the land. Mercenaries, soldiers, and lone adventurers offering their services up as well. The contract is lucrative but the caravan is accepting only the best of the best for this long and dangerous trek.
Ghal Pelor has given oversight of the famed expeditionary company, The Westbound Star, and its leader Rahela Odred. They're experts when it comes to reaching these kinds of distant lands and in large travel groups. This caravan, however, will be the largest group they've ever led and the greatest challenge they've yet faced. The alliance between two kingdoms and the safety of over a 1,000 souls is entirely in their hands now.


New Sanctuary Provisional Government

Ghal Pelorian Representative- Enry Burblecutt (Halfling)

Melanthran Representitive-Lord Faelael Mirosaer , Third of his Name, Prince of House Mirosaer and Oathsworn to the Crown of Melanthris (High Elf)

Westbound Star Representitive Rehele Odred (This position is open only so long as the Westbound Star is part of the expedition) (Baradradi Human)

Homestead Representative Rias Timblewick (Gnome)

Civilian Representative Malcolm Lambert (Ghal Pelorian Human)

Labor Union Representitive Enreika Daggramar (Ghal Pelorian Dwarf)

Dwarven Mercatile Guild Duri Sundersson (Ghal Anhkaran Dwarf)

Public Agenda

March westward and establish the settlement of New Sanctuary


3440 Gold Coins for travel expenses, farming equipment, smithery wagon, apothecary wagon, 12 pieces of manacite (each enough for 10 spells), Westbound Star's security, 8 Watered-down potions of healing (2D4 HP), one potion of Giant Strength

Demography and Population

Mostly human and halfling

Total Population:1,124

Westbound Star Security: 47

Total Wagons:45

Rations:90 days worth
Expedition, Colonization
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Sanctuary Settlers
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Organization Vehicles
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