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The Ghal Pelorians

For a city that began as just a dwarven trading post, Ghal Pelor has gone on to become the strongest nation left in Tairos and to create a people that are diverse, strong, cultured and full of hope.   Ghal Pelor's long history of open commerce and racial harmony became the bedrock for the success it has seen over the centuries. From a very early stage the dwarves that built and managed the city had to be more accommodating and patient toward the many races that passed through its borders. The many people of all traditions and races that chose to settle in Ghal Pelor had push their own cultural beliefs to the background and make assimilation the top priority.   Connections to their home countries became weaker and weaker as time went on. The many races that made up Ghal Pelor started to create a culture that was unique to them. It incorporated many of the traditions that were precious to the various different cultures of origin but adjustments were made to include participation from new races. Businesses thrived off of patronage and partnerships across racial boundaries as well.   All of these factors have led to the development of a culture that views their nation first and racial heritage second. Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes and Humans all make up the Ghal Pelorian ethnicity today. They have become a people that look at the future with hope, sometimes blindly so. They believe in wealth, the security and opportunity offered by city life, mingling cultures and reveling in the excitement presented by living in the largest metropolis Tairos has ever seen.   Other nations often criticize Ghal Pelor's people for being very commercial minded, placing things like personal wealth, local politics and city life ahead of religion, tradition and obligation. While these critiques are not without merit they are largely ignored by Ghal Pelors. They put little stock in the opinions of other nations, often considering these foreigners of living rather small, backward and closed-minded lives.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Usually based on race/nation of origin though some names have become popular based on heroes/stories/popular cultural figures in the city

Masculine names

Usually based on race/nation of origin though some names have become popular based on heroes/stories/popular cultural figures in the city

Family names

Varies based on nation and race of origin


Major language groups and dialects

The Common Tongue

Culture and cultural heritage

While there is some focus on their origin cultures this is largely pushed aside for celebrating the city and the neighborhoods. Ghal Pelorians also put a great deal of emphasis on the personal success and wealth of others.

Shared customary codes and values

Ghal Pelorians all share a general passion for their city but that passion shows even deeper for their various neighborhoods, townships and farmlands they hail from.

Average technological level

Ghal Pelor has access to most of the technology the other races have. While none of its technological achievements rival the magical mastery of Melanthris or the forge expertise of Ghal Ankhar they are able to blend assets to create a menagerie of hybrid advancements. Their roadways are built with good dwarven stone and erosion is kept at bay using halfling weeding techniques. Architecture blends dwarven endurance with the aesthetics of glorious old Balmoral. The city walls are fortified with ancient elven magics that endured even the Queen's Rebuke.

Common Etiquette rules

Various from neighborhood to neighborhood but Ghal Pelorians are generally a busy people and try to keep most interactions with strangers brief. Quick, curt, hellos and goodbyes are common. Masses passing each other in the street without interacting at all is extremely common.

Common Dress code

Ghal Pelors have access to some of the best textiles in all of Tairos and as such even their poorest citizen is better clothes than a commoner from places such as the mines of Ghal Ankhar or the Peasantlands of Melanthris.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Foundation Day- This is the day celebrating the breaking of ground that preceded the first days of construction on the city   Election Day- All citizens are generally off from work on this day so they can participate in the choosing of new representatives. This generally doesn't apply to the farmlands of Ghal Pelor

Funerary and Memorial customs

Large cemeteries dot the city. Most Ghal Pelorians choose embalming and internment within the crypts, graveyards and mausoleum of the city.

Common Taboos

There are few common taboos in the city. Being homeless or generally poor is frowned upon by many. Not voting on election day is another common taboo as well in most circles.

Common Myths and Legends

Ghal Pelor has many historical figures that have risen to almost myth like levels. These figures are heroes from the time of the Queen's War.


Beauty Ideals

Varies from race to race in the city though physical attractiveness is a rather prominent beauty ideal across the city. This is likely due to the large human population in the city and the generally healthy lifestyle most Ghal Pelorians are able to lead

Gender Ideals

Ghal Pelorians have no expectations on gender. The laws in the city protect all genders equally. In the farmlands gender roles can be a bit more traditional due to the physical hardships of that lifestyle

Courtship Ideals

Ghal Pelorians can be a bit superficial in their courtship expectations. The vast wealth of entertainment opportunities and access to interesting and high quality products in the city has resulted in many couples spending more money on each other than in other nations. And gifts/entertainment expenses being expected.

Relationship Ideals

Ghal Pelorians are ambitious and they expect their partners to be so as well. They want to share responsibilities equally and they want their partner to bring social and financial victories to the family.

Major organizations

The Army of Ghal Pelor- Thought to be the largest standing army in Tairos   The Labor Union- Ghal Pelor is filled with various different smaller labor and production unions. While many of them have considerable power on their own they often pool resources into a single organization that supports the rights and interests of workers across all industries. The simply call themselves the Labor Union.   Ghal Pelor First Movement- This growing political organization is fighting to keep imports from the other nations low or heavily taxed so that Ghal Pelor industry can reap the profit.
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