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Enry Burblecutt

I think it's time, don't you? Halflings were the last race to chose civilization over barbarism. Halflings were never built a city all our own. No halfling names echo through the annals of history. I think it's time though. I think it's time for us to look to a future of our making. One strictly for us, made by us and that belongs only to us. New Sanctuary is the stepping stone to that destiny we so deserve. If that city succeeds it opens the west to us. There are vast swathes of unclaimed territory just waiting for us to tame it! Let's build this settlement, cultivate a good neighbor and then reach out for the piece of Tairos that belongs to us! I think it's time!
— Enry Burblecutt swaying the hearts and minds of his supporters to join the caravan
Enry has been Alderman in the heavily Halfling district of Anchor Mill for almost two decades now. He's immensely popular among the halfling people as well as the other races that live there. His career as Alderman in Ghal Pelor is one of gregariousness, generosity and distinction. By all accounts Burblecutt is popular man and hero to many.
Though he's always been troubled by the dismissive, second-hand, legacy that the halfling people have been saddled with. They have always been great supporters, allies and reliable friends to the other people of Tairos but nothing has truly belonged to them alone. Burblecutt has made a considerable part of his political career about bringing halflings into the spotlight but this has rarely been successful. They have no heritage, no culture and no history of their own to draw inspiration from. He hopes to change that with the New Sanctuary expedition. He hopes to see that settlement built and from there to move northward and build the first halfling capital.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Enry is very overweight even for a halfling though he seems to manage his size well and is able to be nearly as active as other members of his race

Facial Features

Large, bushy mustache

Apparel & Accessories

Enry loves to overdress for any occasion and is almost always in some kind of fancy suit

Specialized Equipment

Enry has some training in self-defense with a dagger. He is an expert in Tairos' history and the cultures of Balmoral, Ghal Pelor and the other plains people.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity



Enry had a very formal education in the University of Ghal Pelor where he studied history


Enry is currently an Alderman of Ghal Pelor and represents the Anchor Mill district of the city.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Sponsoring the agricultural school in Anchor Mill is a point of pride for him. It is an establishment that teaches old halfling farming techniques and brings in a considerable amount of revenue for his district.


Leaving food on his plate without finishing it

Personality Characteristics


To see the halfling people finally get a homeland of their own and something uniquely theirs to be proud of

Vices & Personality flaws

Known to overindulge in both food, wine and herbal intoxicants


Enry always has a very sweet, honey-like, smell to him


Contacts & Relations

Tuck Gooseberry - Tuck is an old friend of Enry's and a firm believer in his vision. Tuck is a former adventurer himself and has come along on this journey to advise Enry and to keep his friend safe. Tuck is never without his short bow and pair of gleaming little swords.
Wellby Thorngage - Wellby is Enry's personal butler and has been a servant of the Burblecutt family for generations. He's known to be a master class cook, tailor and not a bad shot with a crossbow. He follows his master around faithfully and seems more than willing to leap in the way of danger for Enry, if his old body will manage it.
Kadybee Hilltopple - This is Enry's very effervescent and cheerful biographer. She follows him around with her notebook and ink pen jotting down his daily affairs, prominent quotes and other happenings to eventually turn into a book. She's a young, lovely halfling from Anchor Mill whom many of the other halflings on the caravan fawn over.
The Halfling Population - Just over a third of the caravan's population are halfings. Their expertise in farming was vital to the initial stages of the settlement and so many halflings were sought out to join. Enry is extremely popular among his people and enjoys a celebrity status with them.

Family Ties

The Burblecutt family back in Anchor Mill are all rather famous figures in the small community. Not famous for anything in particular, just famous for being famous.

Religious Views

He has no strong feelings toward the pantheon of Tairos


Is generally always eating something

Wealth & Financial state

Enry is very wealthy by Ghal Peloran standards. His family owns a profitable plot of land in the Farmlands of Ghal Pelor and he also owns popular bakery spot in Anchor Mill.
Ghal Pelor
65 lbs
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
The Common Tongue


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