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Farmlands of Ghal Pelor

Ghal Pelor has numerous agricultural communities that dot its territory but the majority of them can be found in a region just northeast of the city along the road to Homestead.   While these communities fall under the rule of Ghal Pelor they ultimately have to fend for themselves against a number of hardships. They also owe taxes to Ghal Pelor which are paid for in gold or credit toward crops and labor. The city government uses these taxes and credits to feed the military and administration as well as to guard against inflating prices of food for the general population.   The rural regions find themselves disenchanted with politics in the region. They are without proper representation in the greater government and have little say in what they can sell their crops for. While Ghal Pelor is often viewed as a generally free city it takes a very strong stance against price gouging for vital resources.   They are also preyed about by bandits rather frequently. Local communities are allowed to hire sheriffs and protect themselves but guarding the roads and wilderness officially falls to the Army of Ghal Pelor. And the army is most often tasked with guarding Ghal Pelor proper and the border territories in the regions near Lockland and the Butcheryards of the Dougals.


Humans and halflings make up the majority of the farming populations here. Gnomes travel and settle this area frequently as well. Dwarves and elves are not commonly seen living here


Municipal rule under the direct oversight of the Army of Ghal Pelor


Local communities rely on their own militias and law enforcement. The Army of Ghal Pelor is in charge of regional defense and the roadways

Industry & Trade

Agriculture is the primary way that the farmlands survive. The farmlands also produce some wood working and blacksmithing goods. Trade between Ghal Pelor and Homestead also makes up a significant portion of their revenue.


Well maintained roads, watermills and windmills

Guilds and Factions

No notable factions exist in this region


When Ghal Pelor was first founded it relied entirely on agricultural support from Ghal Ankhar. As the city grew and more human and halfling citizens settled in farms began to pop up and supply the city directly. It is from these early pioneers that the city's farming region grew.   During the Queen's War a number of these communities were burnt down or enslaved in an attempt to starve the city of resources. The combined might of Ghal Pelor and Ghal Ankhar ensured that this tactic saw little success


Mainly simple human structures. The Seward estate is the largest known structure in the farmlands to survive to modern times.


Flat grassy plains, some swampy regions near Lake Tairos, a few ruins left over from the Queen's War

Natural Resources

Forests and fertile land. Fresh lake water.
Ghal Pelor farm
Ghal Pelor farm 2
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