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MacMurdaugh Hotel

The grand dame of Lakewatch Veil, the MacMurdaugh Hotel delights guests with its waterfront views, luxury amenities, and a certain aura of mystique unmatched by any other lodging in the city, perhaps in all of Tairos - Review from the Terrell Street Observer
  The MacMurdaugh Hotel was, at one time, one of the most sought out destinations in all of Ghal Pelor. It was constructed some 60 years ago and operated until the recent storm that devastated Lakewatch Vale nearly a decade ago. The storm's path took it directly across the MacMurdaugh property and left significant damage in its wake. While the actual hotel has was left as a dangerous ruin, it remains in the memory of many of Ghal Pelor's wealthiest as a pinnacle of excess and decadence.

Purpose / Function

The MacMurdaugh family had originally intended the hotel to be a hub for the city's elite and for visiting wealthy foreigners. It was not only a lodging but an event space that was highly sought after by politicians for their campaign speeches and socialites seeking a venue to strike awe in their party guests. Shortly after it was opened, an expansion on the property would include the boat house and pier so that the hotel could support pleasure craft coming to dock.


The original property only included the four main floors and penthouse. Based on the popularity of the hotel, by the end of its first few years in operation it would also include the pool, gymnasium, boat house, and lavish stable. Considerable renovations were conducted to improve the water supply and plumbing, followed by the installation of massive halfling chillers and heaters to allow for comfortable temperatures within the building year-round.


The MacMurdaugh's architecture deeply entrenched in the aesthetics of old Balmoran grandeur. Tall, imperious, regal, and as much white marble as could be hauled from the quarries. The stone work was handled by dwarven craftsmen to the specifications of the MacMurdaugh family while making sure it could accommodate all races, something true old Balmoran designs didn't plan for .


The MacMurdaugh spared no expense when hiring security to guard the property. This included a dedicated office for them in the building's basement and specially designed keys that could access any part of the building. The keys themselves were made to be particularly difficult to duplicate and the designs kept with only one business in Artisan Row.


Much of the hotel's history can be found within the countless stories regarding its haunting


In its prime, the hotel was a key part of Ghal Peloran tourism, being a draw for citizens and visitors alike. It received glowing praise from even the hard-to-please dignitaries from Melanthris. It was also a popular spot to rent out for Locklanders who especially cherished the old Balmoran style of the building.
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Founding Date
61 years ago
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