Arcane Bindings

— Sign on the door of the storefront
  Arcane Bindings is one of many eclectic boutique-style stores that dot the wealthy district of EchoMarch in Ghal Pelor. In theory, it is meant to cater to collectors of old books and those with means enough to afford spell scrolls. In practice, the proprietor of the shop is rather adverse to having to deal with customers at all.   This shop has existed in the district for twelve years now, most of that tenue under the ownership of Ophelia Tremaris. Last year, operations have been taken over by Ophelia's daughter Isolde. During Ophelia's management the store had a much more welcoming feeling to it and customers were plentiful. It carried a reputation for always having hard to find tomes on hand and rare spell scrolls aplenty for hopeful wizards. Ophelia also ran classes where she would teach spell scribing to those interested. Now, under Isolde's control, it's rare to see the Closed-Sign flip to open.

Purpose / Function

Formerly a place where people could come to explore rare books, scrolls, and attend classes for scroll creation and spellbook scribing. Now, it is a dusty old storefront that is rarely open and offers no additional services


As part of the EchoMarch district this building's construction was impeccable. It was built in the style common to Neo-Balmoral


The door has a very good lock. Beyond that, the storefront had several active arcane protections while under Ophelia's management but it's unknown if these have been maintained by Isolde.


The store did once have a rather famous reputation in certain circles for being a one-stop shop for any historical or magical texts one might need. Now, most are surprised to hear it's still open.
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