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Beacon Hill

The only settlement between Ghal Pelor and Beldon is located so far off the main road that most travelers are unaware of its existence. The only means of accessing it are venturing through the wilderness or chartering a boat willing to travel to the tiny hamlet.
Beacon Hill was settled only ninety years ago and formed around a military tower that was abandoned mid-construction. The tower was abandoned by the army when a more suitable location for the outpost was found closer to the main road. When the tower was surrendered to nature all work on expanding the main road to the tower was stopped as well. Members of the construction crew noted that the region was flush with berries that seemed only to grow here and that these berries would be perfect for dyes. The construction company sought permission from Ghal Pelor to create a small settlement here to harvest the berries. Ghal Pelor was largely indifferent to the proposal and allowed the settlement to move forward in exchange for taxation rights and access to the high-quality lumber nearby should they need it.
In recent years taxes have slowly crept up to higher and higher levels in Beacon Hill. Ghal Pelor intended to use the money to connect Beacon Hill to the main road and to build a proper dock there to allow for frequent boat traffic. However, those funds have been diverted to more pressing security matters such as patrols for the main road, recruiting soldiers and the defense of Homestead from Lockland and the Sons of Caustos.
The current feeling in Beacon Hill is one of bitter abandonment. The few citizens here dutifully pay their taxes and harvest lumber when requested by Ghal Pelor and in turn they hope to one day see the promises of connecting the main road and building the harbor fulfilled. Until that happens they feel they are being taken advantage of. The fires of this sentiment are frequently stoked by the current Mayor, Marbul Cormin.


The population is almost entirely made up of Halflings and Humans


Beacon Hill's management is overseen by an appointed official from Ghal Pelor. This figure is given the title of Mayor of Beacon Hill. This figure is given complete authority over Beacon Hill and need only answer to officials from Ghal Pelor's government.


The only notable defense Beacon Hill has is the tower at the center of the city. The eastern edge of Beacon Hill is bordered by a dense forest and the ruins of an ancient temple to Malyse The Libertine

Industry & Trade

Beacon Hill suffers greatly due to its distance from the main roads to Homestead and Beldon. The only notable export is their dyes. Beacon Hill is known for creating high-quality, luxury dyes used in clothing and cosmetics. These dyes are sold in Ghal Pelor and Homestead alike for considerable prices.


The city is built around a single military watchtower originally constructed by the army. That tower is also home to the serving Mayor.


Beacon Hill has easy access to high-quality lumber. They also have storehouses filled with the many chemicals and agents needed to manufacture the dyes they are famous for.

Guilds and Factions

The Mayor and his guards are the most influential faction in the city. The dye manufacturers and the Mayor work very closely together to find buyers and new markets to sell in.


Beacon Hill's architecture is largely Ghal Pelorian in origin. It combines the aethstics of old Balmoral and sturdy build of Ghal Ankhar


Beacon Hill is located on a slightly elevated patch of land that backs up against Lake Tairos. The region is otherwise flat with patches of forest. One such patch borders the eastern side of Beacon Hill.

Natural Resources

Nearby wooded forest, access to Lake Tairos, farmable land, exotic natural berry growing plants used for dye making.
Mayor Marbul Cormin
Mayor Marbul Cormin
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