Arcane Bindings

Where spells always come at a cost but the smiles are free
— sun-faded sign near the front door
  Ghal Pelor is home to more independent businesses than any other surviving city on the continent and a considerable number of them are eclectic boutiques that cater strange tastes. One such shop located in the northern end of the city's wealthy Echo March neighborhood is Arcane Bindings.   This book store has existed in the city for over fifty years now, having been handed down through the generations of the Tramaris family. In the decades previous this store was a vibrant part of the business community that was known for affordable Manacite, lessons in arcana, old books, and spellbound scrolls.   The shop was originally opened by Ferdinand Tramaris, a passionate archeologist and aficionado of all things related to the College of Magic. He sought out old warehouses belonging to the College to harvest their hidden stores of knowledge and bring them to light once again. Ferdinand believed that among these old collections there might be a key to restoring Tairos' Leylines and though he never found such a cure he was able to recover considerable old magic. He opened Arcane Bindings as a place to sell the items that were safe to sell, and to store the teachings that Tairos wasn't yet ready for. Shortly after opening the storefront began putting some of the instructional material to use; offering classes and discounted manacite to those with an interest for wizardy. This would come to include his daughter Asteria as well.   Asteria continued the traditions of her father after he passed on. She further expanded the services offered by adding scroll copying, spell book creation, and a wider variety of classes. Where Ferdinand was a stuffy academic with lofty aspirations, Asteria was welcoming and warm. Arcane Bindings truly flourished under her entrepreneurship, both financially and among the business community at large. However; tragedy would befall Asteria. Much of her time was spent adventuring on the road to secure more books and teachings for the store; an endeavor that frequently would see her team up with the likes of Dayne Reed. During one of these adventures she would contract a wasting illness, similar to Wrack, that would cripple and eventually kill her. Her daughter Isolde would do her best to manage the store and care for her dying mother but neither task was she suited for. Asteria couldn't be saved and Arcane Bindings became less an inviting store front and more a shrine to Isolde's mother and Grandfather.   Today, the storefront exterior is fading and the front door often locked. Isolde's withering glare turns away those brave enough to enter. For any that do manage shop the aisles and shelves they will frequently find her unwilling to sell certain items or pricing them far out of reach. The store survives off of the few sales she allows and the dwindling savings inherited from Asteria.

Purpose / Function

Shop that sells rare books, scrolls, manacite, and spell services


The shop has several still-functioning magical wards placed there by Ferdinand Tramaris such as Arcane Eyes, Alarm Spells, such
Parent Location


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