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Manacite is not native to the land of Tairos. The secret methods used to create the substance were first revealed by the Autumn Queen to a select few noble houses of Melanthris. These houses were the ones who would later be responsible for opening the gates to the fae homeworld and securing Melanthris' loyalty to the Autumn Queen.   Manacite is made by drawing up the energy that fills the leylines of Tairos and locking it into a material form. The process creates a stable battery for spellcasters and arcane blacksmiths to drawn upon to fuel magic and item creation.   Before the fae arrived Manacite was not needed. Mana flowed freely from the leylines and could easily be channeled into spell casting and item creation. However, as the fae continued to stripmine the leylines the need for Manacite became apparent. Without Manacite a spellcaster would be drawing upon withered, dead mana to fuel his spells. This energy is almost always fatal to living casters. And without Manacite the works of arcane blacksmiths are destined to fail in spectacular fashion.   The process to create it was lost after the Autumn Queen took her own life and detonated her store houses of Manacite during the Queen's War. When the Tengu refugees arrived on the shores of Tairos they brought with them their own methods for creating Manacite. The process they use is slower, less productive and yet equally harmful to the leylines. They are reluctant to create any Manacite at all but by producing and trading small amounts to the dwarven kingdom they're able to secure guaranteed protection from them.   Today, Manacite is one of the most valuable substances that can be bought or traded. Few still live with the knowledge to actually make use of the crystal but those that do would pay dearly for it. The elves of Melanthris eagerly buy up any they can while the dwarves do everything within their power to make sure their Tengu allies are the only reliable source.
The Fae Kingdom
Noble Houses of Melanthris were the first to ever use Manacite


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