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The Seward Estate

The home that Hannibal Seward lived in was built 28 years prior with the wealth and riches he earned while adventuring in the Serpent Lands, Balmoral Plains and Baradrad.   It was built on sturdy grounds dotted with a few small ponds. The stony patch of land was not well suited for farming like the surrounded regions so the property was priced cheaply and of little value to anyone in the area. The only party to contest the purchase was the Fontenot family on the other side of the woods that bordered the estate. They believed the land belonged to them but had no legal claim to support that.   The home was originally staffed by a crew of over ten people who tended to the grounds, the structure and caretakers for Hannibal's young son while he and his wife were away adventuring.   After the death of Seward's wife the staff was dismissed and the estate fell into disrepair as Hannibal was away for longer and longer bouts of time.   Once Seward was declared dead his estate was transferred to the inheritors mentioned in his will. Friends and allies that had aided him in his past adventures were all brought together and they decided to carry on Seward's traditions of heroism together.   It has become the launching point for their missions against the Fishbiter tribe of goblins, the cult of the Scorned One and the undead that infest the region.


Sturdy home built in the fashion of modern Ghal Pelorian style. Its foundation is strong and built by dwarven craftsmen.
Seward Estate
Mansion / Villa
Parent Location
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