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High Point Township

High Point was only settled three years ago by a group of merchant adventurers under the leadership of an elf named Chemais.   Chemais used riches he amassed from working with local farmers, artisans and elven interests in the peasant lands of Melanthris to build the settlement quietly and quickly.   While technically part of the domain of Ghal Pelor the settlement is well off the main roads and far from the notice of tax collectors, government oversight and minor despots.   The township consists of one large town hall, the Galloping Griffin Inn, a warehouse that also houses a small three-bed hospital and a collection of ruined structures. It is supported by four modest farms that all grow local foodstuffs as well as spices, herbs and seasonings that are marketed to retailers, bakeries and breweries in the region. The few citizens that take up permanent residence here do so either in their own tents near the warehouse, inside the town hall or at the farms nearby.   These few buildings are all clustered around an old College of Magic tower that was once operated by a mage named Loame. Until recently the tower was inaccessible to the people of High Point due to old magical warding put in place by Loame. They built a ladder and scaffolding system on it so they could use the tower's top level for overseeing the safety of the region.   Recently, the township was attacked by a large host of zombies and ghouls. The attack seemed very well coordinated and the host was led by a large, powerful and very intelligent ghoul. This ghoul claimed the content of the tower belonged to his master and the citizens here would be cattle to the dead.   This ghoul used some kind of manacite charm to open the tower but he was unable to claim it's content due to the actions of the Inheritors of the Seward Estate. These heroes were here looking for certain ingredients in the tower to use for developing a cure to the Scorned One's virus. They fought hard and prevented the ghouls from taking the content of the tower but not before nearly half the township was killed and fed upon.   The last remaining member of Chemais' crew, Sim Conlon, was left in charge of the township. He was also given considerable gold to help rebuild the defenses of High Point.


Mostly human and halfling. Small group of Tengu as well


Sim Conlon has full authority over the growth of the settlement now


The old College of Magic tower

Industry & Trade

High Point is a very popular spot for local farmers and artisans to negotiate. The spices grown in the local farms are extremely popular in the recipes of Ackley Ale.


Local farms


The settlement has only existed for three years. Prior to that it was property of the College of Magic and overseen by a mage named Loame. Loame's main focus seemed to be on stellar observations, astromancy, and star charts. Much of his research drew connections to the stars and the gates of Tairos


Balmoral style architecture with elven influence.


Open plains with a few scattered tree groves near by. Side roads connected to the main Ghal Pelor/Homestead highway lead here. These roads are largely forgotten and not easy to travel anymore.

Natural Resources

Farmable land and access to relatively safe groves of trees.
Watch tower ruin
Location under


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