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Beldon was originally a small township located in a remote region to the east of Ghal Pelor on the far side of Beldon woods.   The community rarely saw protection from the army of Ghal Pelor or trade from other townships.   It came to be known as a very insular and private community that would adopt some very peculiar forms of worship for Sandor The Guardian of Tairos .   The Inheritors of the Seward Estate would venture here looking for a nearby tower that belongs to the College of Magic. While there they would uncover the truth behind Beldon's worship of Sandor. They were in fact actually worshipping a small group of Fae led by a coven of hag sisters and who were manipulating the humans here into worshipping them and offering them sacrifice.   After this lie was exposed and the fae killed off, Beldon fell into relative chaos. They tried to carry on their worship of Sandor and many more turned into true worshippers of the fae, believing things were better under their leadership.   The fragmented community would eventually fall prey to a hoard of zombies and the ghouls that fed on the shambling dead. A malign intelligence seemed to be at work with the ghouls when they attacked.   Today, Beldon is believed to be a lifeless ruin occupied by roaming undead of all sort.


Formerly, human. The current demographics are unknown but believed to be entirely undead.


Formerly run by the elected mayor of Beldon. No government is believed to exist today



Industry & Trade

Beldon was known for its fine textiles and its forest a good source of lumber though rather far away from the rest of Ghal Pelor and her townships.


Only feature of note is burnt out church formerly dedicated to Sandor

Guilds and Factions



Beldon was settled a few decades after the end of the Queen's War by settlers looking to expand Ghal Pelors borders. Resources and travel proved to be hinderances and further expansion plans were canceled.


Very simple buildings typical of many of Ghal Pelor's settlements.


Forested backdrop and open plains to its north, south and east.

Natural Resources

Timber, fertile farming land

within the last ninety days

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