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The origins of the fae are largely unknown to the races of Tairos. The scholars of Melanthris are rumored to know the truths behind many of the questions that still linger even centuries after their believed extinction. Though few care enough to inquire or dare to trust the word of the High Born Elves.   When the fae started to venture from the halls and mansions of Melanthris to the other cities of Tairos some reliable information was recorded by the other races. The consistent legends pointed to the fae being a race of nomadic magical beings whose original homeworld was destroyed by disaster. The survivors made contact with the High Born elves and eventually brokered passage for a few hundred refugees.   Melantris was delighted by these travelers because they were equally as graceful, learned and powerful as the elves. The ego and arrogance of the elves were fanned like flames by these travelers and it is because of that blind foolishness that the elves despised second only to the fae.   The first few hundred refugees were only the beginning. The beautiful and haughty fae nobles that made pacts with the elves were but one of a numberless different types to enter Tairos. Electrically charged gnomish-looking beings called Boggans would follow. Seductive Nymphs and destructive Gremlins after that. For every pleasant Brownie or Dryad that arrived by the light of day several blood-thirsty Redcaps, Hags or Gorgons would skulk into Tairos under the cover of night. Monsters such as Harpies, Chimera and Cockatrice seemed to follow in the wake of emerging fae. Most believe these creatures to share the fae's heritage or homeworld, a notion bolstered by the fact that these beasts would obey the whims of the fae nobility.   Over the centuries that followed the fae arrival, many individuals and secret groups would uncover many terrible truths about their visitors. The fae were responsible for the disaster that destroyed their homeworld. They developed an arcane science that allowed them to harvest mana from the Leylines of their world, condense it into Manacite and use it for their own selfish pursuits. Their homeworld would not be the only victim of their ravenous strip mining of magic. Several other worlds were left barren wastelands by the fae before they were drawn to Tairos by its abundance of magical potential.   Only after the damage to Tairos was spiraling out of control did the citizens rise up and begin the conflict that would come to be known as the Queen's War.   The events of the war are many and cost the lives of countless hundreds of thousands across all of Tairos. Yet, in the end, the fae were believed to be wiped out to the last. The final, spiteful act of vengeance known as The Queen's Rebuke would leave the world hovering on the brink of oblivion and completely cut off from both magic and the gods.   In modern days the stories of the fae are told to scare children and entertain tavern patrons. To most, they have passed into myth. Yet, a few believe some of the fae survived the Queen's War and they wait in fractious gatherings among the dark and forgotten places of Tairos bidding their time. Waiting and watching for the chance to avenge their Queen and the death of their race.

Basic Information


Varies between types. Most fae are humanoid in structure and have similar features to elves, Gnomes and Dwarves with subtle aesthetic physical differences. More noticeable traits born from their deep magical origins such as wings, additional limbs, animal-like features and other visual differences are common as well.

Biological Traits

Varies from type to type

Genetics and Reproduction

Most fae are born via sexual reproduction though other, stranger methods have been reported for some types and individuals. External gestation in eggs, asexual reproduction and magical self-replication have all been noted in rare cases.

Ecology and Habitats

The fae are magical beings and most believe they are able to adapt and survive to almost any habitat but they have no love for difficult living. Harsh regions such as deserts, frozen wastes and other uncomfortable landscapes are anathema to them.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Most fae have come to enjoy the luxury afforded to them by their nomadic tradition and the harvesting of raw magic. Most can be expected to enjoy fine food, drink and other refined delicacies.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

At the height of their occupation the fae heavily populated noble estates in Melanthris. Living along side the High Elves who initially invited them to Tairos. Others lived the wooded area that is now known as The Scar. Non-noble fae took up residence just about anywhere though a considerable number settled in the Balmoran Plains.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Varies by type. Most have some unnatural connection to magic and the leylines of the world they inhabit.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Fae, being a uniquely magical species, have various different diseases and viruses that plague them just like mortal species but these illnesses typically pray on magic.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Varies based on type and social strata. Most common naming conventions are based on choosing names belonging to important members of the family or house.

Major Organizations

The Shadow Court- The close circle of ruling nobles that directly ruled over the fae and reported only to the Autumn Queen. Due to the chaotic nature of the fae infighting and betrayal was a near constant. Only the authority of the Autumn Queen kept individual houses and court members from each other's throats.

Beauty Ideals

Most fae are deeply vain and place a considerable value on physical beauty.

Gender Ideals

The fae don't have many specific gender ideals. Male and female members tend to have equal rights in all situations.

Courtship Ideals

Varies based on type. Nobility expect displays of wealth and power. Unions between nobility are rarely done for romantic reasons. Relationships among the common folk are allowed the luxury of romance.

Average Technological Level

Fae advancements in the real of magical sciences are well known. The ability to create manacite is perhaps the most famous but they also have mastered all manner of enchantments, magical augmentations to the body and the creation of potions.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

The fae have many languages from their homeworld and have picked up many more from the various worlds they've ravaged. These languages are often blended together and adopt words from many different regions, races and worlds. That being said, most fae in Tairos knew The Common Tongue very well.

Common Dress Code

Among the nobility, the adoption of fashion from the worlds they plundered was common place. The fashions of Melanthris were particularly appealing to them.

Historical Figures

The Autumn Queen is the most historic of all figures in fae history. She is the one that began the practice of traveling to other worlds and taking their resources. Prior to her rule other fae royalty reigned but their legends are largely forgotten, scoured away by the Autumn Queen

Common Myths and Legends

Fae myths are based on the events they've endured across countless ages of plundering worlds of their magic. They've dealt with angels, demons, deities and alien entities in their travels and these beings are always viewed as enemies. In these stories the fae are portrayed as the enlightened travelers to places of barbarism and self-destruction. They see themselves as taking resources from backward people who would destroy themselves anyway or endanger more deserving people.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Fae look at most other races and worlds as violent, crude and graceless. They see their legacy and presence in the cosmos as vital. While some species may been thought of as equals certainly none of the people of Tairos were viewed that way.
Fae noble
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Genetic Descendants
Fae nobility are generally believed to be immortal. The lifespan of other types vary

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