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There is a mystery that most citizens of Tairos feel toward the gnomes even to this day. That strangeness or otherworldly feeling stems from the unique history of the gnomes.   First and foremost, the old elven and dwarven records can’t exactly pinpoint the true origins of the gnomes. There is no history of nomadic gnomes slowly colonizing, no tribal age before enlightenment. Gnomes were spotted here and there, in small organized groups during the early days of Tairos’ history. And then, one day, many centuries after the borders between both Elves and Dwarves were established they discovered a hidden empire deep within the forested regions along the western coast.   The elves and dwarves found an empire that spanned three cities, each of them home to an abundance of both clockwork sciences and intricate magics. This empire desired little in the way of contact with the other races. Content that no threat existed and that neither of their nations was being robbed of vital territory they left the gnomish cities to its own devices.   The gnomes tinkered with their sciences and explored their own magics; satisfied to have a land to themselves and to be spared the politics of the dwarves and elves. And so they maintained their borders, refused membership into The Grand Concordance of Tairos of nations and carried on with their lives.   The history of this ancient culture is largely lost today, as is its true origin. Most, including the surviving gnomes themselves, believe they came through The Gates from another place entire, fleeing some disaster or great enemy. The reason this theory is popular is because of the Autumn Queen. When her tempting whispers began creeping through the gates the gnomes were the only ones to truly realize the danger and to break their isolation to warn the other races. They were also the first bury their gates. When elven explorers first visited the gnome empire they noted that no gates could be found anywhere.   This foresight and caution doomed their race. When the Autumn Queen first arrived in Tairos she worked in secret to find a means of destroying her most vocal opponents. She found it in the ocean depths off the gnome coast. The Saughin race was lured into besieging the gnome lands. And finally, when open war came to Tairos the Queen and her Shadow Court made sure to finish what little survived of the Clockwork Kingdom.   Whatever the culture and personality of the gnomes may have been it is all lost now. The gnomes of today are a very cautious people who value each and every gnomish life. They work hard to preserve what little culture remains and to invent a new life in the plains, in the city of Homestead. They favor invention, magic and intellect over all other things except family. And they appreciate the company of other races so long as it doesn’t jeopardize the safety of Homestead.

Basic Information


Short, larger eyes, often with extreme hair colors and skin hues that range from traditional hues found with other races to hues with faint greens, blues and reds.

Biological Traits

The average height for a gnome is 3'3 to 3'7 with the taller gnomes touching on 4'. They tend to weight somewhere between 50 to 80 lbs

Genetics and Reproduction

Sexual Reproduction

Ecology and Habitats

Gnomes are believed by many to have come from an entirely different world or reality so it's unknown if they have a preferred natural habitat. On Tairos they colonized the temperate, forested coastal regions of the northwest.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Gnomes don't have any particular dietary needs or requirements. They tend to eat less meats than dwarves, Halflings and Humanity. Gnomes seem to prefer foods in more natural states and with little preparation. Nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, breads and simple grains.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Gnomes have larger eyes and heads, thicker hair and the males often have small beards

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Gnomes were traditionally very isolated and lived almost exclusively in the north west. Today, the gnome population is divided between the community of Homestead and Ghal Pelor . A rare few gnome merchants live in Tengu Town as well

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Low-Light Vision

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

If any naming tradition did exist they've been forgotten since the fall of the gnome city-states. Today, traditions will vary from family to family. Names can include traditional gnomish ones though many have adopted names from other cultures or simply making up names.

Major Organizations

The Clockwork Union- The gnomes are trying to explore the old clockwork sciences of their ancestors and the Clockwork Union that oversees these endeavors has become a popular and powerful force in Homestead.

Beauty Ideals

Gnome of both sexes favor jovial social traits and find those with strong personalities attractive. This is reflected in hair styles, clothing colors and accessories. Longer, colorful or more elaborate hair color and style is also an attractive feature to both sexes.

Gender Ideals

The gender ideals of old were lost when the gnome city-states were destroyed. Today, gnomes place no expectations on each other based on gender

Courtship Ideals

Gnomes enjoy showmenship in most things including courtship. They enjoy writing poems, singing songs, lavishing gifts upon each other and anything else that can earn them positive attention from their ideal partner

Relationship Ideals

Gnomish relationships tend to be briefer affairs than compared to those of other races. While marriage of a sort exists in theory most gnomes tend enjoy each other's romantic company until they naturally drift apart or one of the partners strays. The records that survive from the time of the old gnome empire suggest behavior was generally the same there. Parents are expected to care for whatever children their pairing might have produced but children were always viewed as more of a community's responsibility than any specific individual.

Average Technological Level

The gnomes of the old empire were believed to have achieved the highest level of technology among any of the sentient people of Tairos. This includes multichamber black powder weapons, airships, advanced construction techniques, automation in the form of clockwork servants, advanced industrial production methods, astronomy, possibly planar travel

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Gnomish was the primary language spoken by gnomes throughout history. The language is still well known but most gnomes grow up speaking The Common Tongue as their primary language.

Common Etiquette Rules

Gnomes always look to find ways to make a situation as enjoyable as possible for all involved parties. They will offer drink and food to guests, volunteer to tell stories and actively try to take care of minor frustrations someone may be dealing with. Gnomes take the question of "how are you doing today?" very seriously.

Common Dress Code

Brighter colors, lots of accessories

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Most of gnome heritage has been lost. The gnomes of modern Tairos are rebuilding their culture from the scraps they have of the past and inventing the majority of it as they go

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Gnomes have a tradition of breaking bread with travelers they meet on the road. It is very common for any gnome traveling the roads between Ghal Pelor and Homestead to offer food and drink to any traveler they meet on the way. They will exchange stories during this time as well.

Common Taboos

Brooding, choosing to be crass, cruel or negative, ignoring those in obvious need

Historical Figures

The most important gnomes to modern Homestead are the brave few that helped the children of the crumbling gnome empire escape to Ghal Pelor. If not for those gnomes the entire species would have gone extinct.

Common Myths and Legends

The myths and legends of the gnomes are largely lost. Any of their myths today are handed down by the other races. These myths might be those of the other races or those told to them about the gnomes that fought during the Queen's War
gnome 1
gnome 2
gnome 3
gnome 4
Genetic Descendants
Unknown, possibly extraplanar or extraterrestrial
450-500 years
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Gnome skin colors are very wide and varied compared to the other sentient species of Tairos


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