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Humanity was once the most numerous of all the great races on Tairos and while they may barely edge out the populations of the other peoples they have but a fraction of the reach they once held.   They are the youngest of the great races; having only been coaxed out of their primitive tribal ways some 3,000 years ago and only by the collected efforts of the Dwarves and Elves. Before being shown the path of civilization humanity followed what was known as The Old Ways. Tribalism, totem worship and a life of wandering.   Their plentiful populations were a great advantage when fighting against simple threats likes Goblinoid raids and Orcish war hoards but it became a liability after the Elves and Dwarves accepted them. Tairos’ history is one rife with wars, cataclysm and horror. The ancient alliance known as The Grand Concordance of Tairos called upon the strengths of all its member races and the humans had only numbers to offer. While their populations could withstand the many hardships the Concordance laid upon it there was a breaking point and it came in the form of the Fae and Autumn Queen. Vanquishing her and her Shadow Court cost more human lives than every other race combined. Now, while more plentiful than any individual race, they are only a small portion of all the remaining great races.   Today, humanity is spread thin and many of them have been turning to the Old Ways again or deeply ingraining themselves in the remaining pockets of civilization for both safety and an opportunity for power. While all of the same stock their many beliefs and personalities have been forged by the regions they settled in.

Basic Information


Humans possess a great variety of shape and stock to suit the lifestyle each individual has adopted

Biological Traits

Most humans fall within a height range of 5'5 to 5'9 depending on gender with taller specimens in the 6' to 7' range

Genetics and Reproduction

Sexual Reproduction

Ecology and Habitats

The majority of humanity exists in the central part of the continent where the original Balmoran tribes first unified. Prior to the Queen's War most humans lived in and around Balmoral with a few other scattered strongholds. Today the only remaining human-centric settlements of note are Frostmere and the Stormlands

Dietary Needs and Habits

Humans have no particular dietary requirements though they prefer foods grown or raised in plains-based farms. These include cattle animals grains. They prefer alcohols of much weaker potency than what dwarves and elves craft. They also require far less food than dwarves and halflings

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Most human settlements will be found in the plains nearest to Ghal Pelor. Frostmere and the Stormlands are the other regions where humans are plentiful.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Humans possess no exceptional sensory traits compared to the other sentient peoples of Tairos

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Naming traditions vary from region to region. Typically individual families will have their own traditions. Some regions have elaborate naming rituals such as in the Stormlands.

Major Organizations

Humans have no central organizations aligned to their racial interests outside of Lockland.   Lockland's cultural and racial organizations are tied only to citizens of the city and not recognized by humans in other regions.   Prior to the Queen's War Balmoral and all of its institutions were all human centered.   The Grand Order of the Lion has attracted mostly human followers because of its Balmoran roots but it is open to all races.

Beauty Ideals

Human beauty standards will vary from region to region but are generally focused on physical characteristics and personality compatibility.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship traditions vary from community to community. Arranged marriages are common in certain communities like Baradrad. Conquests by Stormlanders are where most unions originate from.

Relationship Ideals

Humans look to share the responsibilities of the household and look for partners for whom they will find reliable, loyal and attractive. This may not apply to arranged marriages for resulting from conquest.

Average Technological Level

Humans have tended to absorb the technology of other races by means of barter, trade or conquest. Every community attained different levels of advancement on their own. Balmoral having been the most advanced and Frostmere the least.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Common Etiquette Rules

Varies by region and social status

Common Dress Code

Various by climate and social status

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Most human heritage and culture originated from Balmoral and are based on the concepts of heraldry, ancestry, honor and national pride.   Frostmere's culture focuses more around family clans and totemic spirits.   The Stormlands value military strength, cunning, family, reputation and seamanship

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Varies by region

Common Taboos

Varies by region. Most humans consider it a taboo to speak poorly of old Balmoral.   Frostmerites are greatly opposed to any dishonor brought on their clan levied against a clan's patron totem spirit.   Very little is taboo in the Stormlands.

Historical Figures

Varies from region to region though most humans will acknowledge the importance of Balmoral's rulers and history

Common Myths and Legends

Though legends will vary from region to region the tales of the Adamantite Kings of Balmoral are widely known.   Tales of great conquest and sea beasts are popular in the Stormlands.   In Frostmere the sagas of heroes are told in the many longhouses and taverns that dot the icy land. Stories of the High Kings are popular myths. Apocryphal stories of the totems are told by the Skalds and Gothi as well.
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The Balmoran Plains
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