Primary Fae Races

When it comes to fae they can be anything from a talking cat to a snake-haired she demon but if someone asked ya to put money on what kind ya might you're most likely to get killed by then my chips are on one of these.
— Famed Mage Hunter Ghalrum Grannis
The term 'Fae ' is often used to identify the menagerie of different creatures that came through the gates along with the The Autumn Queen hundreds of years ago. The fae race itself is actually comprised of dozens upon dozens of different subspecies, some numerous and others incredibly rare. Most hail from original homeworld of the Queen while others have been adopted along the way. This fact has had the job of fae hunters particularly difficult. Not only do they struggle to identify their prey amid countless potential options but no one weakness universally applies to them.
Of the countless types however there are certain races that are more commonly encountered than others. The majority of fae come from one of the below peoples:



These unique little creatures appear to be a hybrid of faun and humanoid, standing roughly 4' to 5' feet in height and weighing 130 to 170 pounds. Their mass is mostly in the legs and hind quarters where a great deal of muscle can be found. Satyrs are a joyous people who savory any opportunity to celebrate something and when a satyr celebrates... it celebrates hard. Alcohol is a must as is food, games, music, and the company of a lover or two. Among the fae, few of their kind are capable of truly cherishing all life has to offer in the same way a satyr can.
They are one of the oldest members of the Fae people as well, hailing from the lost homeworld where they sworn allegiance to the Autumn Crown countless millennia ago. Those in service to the Queen and the Shadow Court have shown a great deal of versatility; being capable of filling roles like advisor or warrior and anything in between. That is, so long as the job allows for ample free time to enjoy their hobbies. Music, dance, performance, and art of any kind are their favored pastimes. Almost all satyrs have some kind of passionate interest they're fully dedicated to and little can separate them from pursuing it. It is because of their gregerious and amiacable attitude that many of the Queen's diplomats dispatched to meet with non-fae races were often Satyrs. They're able to find common ground with almost any people and for that alone they are unique among most fae.
Satyrs are some of the most likely fae to travel, having something of a natural wanderlust. Before the Queen's War they could be found all across the continent seeking out new experiences and people to share them with. They share a close bond with their family and often whole traveling groups made of Satyr kin would gallivant from region to region but during the war that ceased entirely. Many joined the fae army but many others fled the war entirely for the safety offered by the deep woods.



Beautiful, capricious, and intensely emotional. The Nymphs are a species of fae that have been part of the Queen's people since the final days of their ill-fated homeworld. These carefree and independent beings had no interest in politics or alliances and instead spent their days indulging in the warmth of the sun and the cooling waters of their lakeside homes. From there they sold their simple arts, potions, and sweetened nectars to travelers and tourists alike. It's also where they earned their reputation as prolific lovers and complex, sentimental beings who's behavior often borders on theatrical or manic.
The two most common traits associated with the Nymphs are their beauty and their passion for carnal pleasure. When it comes to beauty Nymphs whether male or female, tend to have heights similar to humans though a bit on the taller side of average with their weight matching their perfect physique. Not to say that Nymphs can't be chubby or overly skinny, they very well can be, but they always seem represent the most idyllic vision of whatever form their body takes. With regard to sex the Nymph do not view it as a simple intimate exercise; they worship the act in every way possible. Where Tairosian holidays might feature signature dishes or recognizable decorations Nymph holidays are punctuated by sexual displays both public, private, in groups, or with one partner. The act can me many things to them at once. A form of meditation, a coping mechanism for tragedy or excitement, a way to encourage physical or emotional healing, as a greeting or a gift, or simply as a means of connection with someone they care for. While they know races both fae and otherwise have different expectations when it comes to love making it often does not stop a Nymph from accidentally making those around them deeply uncomfortable with their lustful suggestions.
While beauty and sex are an intrinsic part of who these people are it is far from the only thing that defines them. Their emotions are raw and unfiltered even by the standards of most other fae. They feel things with such depth and passion that it can drive them to incredible heights and equally dark depths. It is for this reason that the Autumn Queen often employed them as fighters and barbarians in her armies. Those not inclined toward martial pursuits made excellent warlocks who's pacts with the Queen or the Shadow Court were obeyed more like promises made to a lover.



Brownies, Leprechauns, Silkies, Billys, Knockers, and countless other names are used when one speaks about a Spriggan. Unlike the variety of names they've gone by here is only one trait might use when describing most of their kind. Rude. They're independent people who value their solitude over almost all other things, the one exception being their collection. Almost every Spriggan is a collector of something, be it gold coins, strange knick-knacks, jewels, buttons, skulls, figurines, keys, or just about anything else. They seem to prefer small things who's beauty is often overlooked by all but the individual collector themselves. These collections can be valueless junk or trinkets worth a great deal but it's rarely the monetary value they're attracted to. Rather, there's some hidden allure that speaks to the Spriggan on an almost primal level.
Spriggan are one of the most numerous of the common fae races which, in a way, is the greatest curse ever laid upon their people. They truly do prefer their solitude over the company of others, be it their kind or others. This is not to say they do not have families, friends, and gatherings but their tolerance for these things is rather thin. They're the first to show up at parties and first to leave. They're the sort of shopper that knows exactly what they want without a drop of browsing. The concept 'awkward silences' is absolutely alien to them. Long exposure to big groups makes them rather cranky and quick to frustrate. When they're able to avoid other people a Spriggan's time is generally spent with their collections or quietly sitting alone (or with their very small families) indulging in a good book or soothing hobby.
This love of isolation and penchant for collecting has made a Spriggan into master thieves and even assassins. The Shadow Court has used Spriggan to infiltrate the ranks of their enemies and silence opposition on many occasions while the Queen herself relied upon them as scouts in her army or as retrievers of precious items. Many Spriggan turn their hours of quiet toward the study of magic; making them skilled wizards in a culture that rarely embraces academic arcana versus natural ability or pacts.



The name of the original fae homeworld is lost to time and remembered by few alive today. The Autumn Queen was the oldest living fae and believed to be the only one of her kind left to have walked on that ancient soil. The Sidhe were her people, the race from which she hailed, and the nobility of the fae both then and now. The Arcadians alive today claim the world they came from was called Arcadia and that they are the rightful inheritors of it.
Physically, the Arcadians look rather similar to Tairosian Half-Elves and have the same variety of body shapes as they do. However, their are some noticeable differences. Their eyes always possess a radiate, striking quality to them. These shimmery pastel colors stand out considerably when compared to those of other races. The coloring of their skin can range across all different tones or even have intricate designs/patterns as well though many others be indistinguishable from local human complexions. A rare few Arcadians, usually those that can trace their bloodline to the Autumn Queen, possess butterfly-like wings that are capable of slow flight or can collapse against their back almost like a cape.


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