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Noble Fish and Fine Goods

The lake's grace in every case, choose Noble Fish for every dish!
— Slogan found on every bottle of Fish Sauce
  Noble Fish and Fine Goods has been a staple of Ghal Pelor's business community for fourteen years. The warehouse factory that processes the lake's finest catch is located along the city's harbor in the Lakewatch Vale district. While much of the district remains in a poor state thanks to the disaster that struck it fifteen years ago, the area around the factory warehouse remains pristine and many of the nearby businesses and housing are equally so.   Noble Fish bought up some of the devastated property immediately after the disaster for very cheap and quickly began rebuilding and improving. This was a much needed influx of funds of the ravaged Lakewatch Vale. Even more so, the rebuilding efforts meant jobs for the recently jobless and the eventual factory made many of those jobs permanent. Additionally, Noble Fish employs over 200 of the citizens from the district and has rebuilt affordable housing for them too. Some liken the entire operation to a small version of Ackley Ales's district in the city. The only difference being that Ackley sends much of its profits outside of the city, Noble Fish seems to invest back in Ghal Pelor.   The Noble Fish and Fine Goods brand is well loved in the city. Its flagship product is a fermented fish sauce known for its exquisit umami qualities. There are many variants of the original recipe as well, some that add a bit of sweetness thanks to fruit-based additives or honey. Aside from their varieties of fish sauce they make several other well known products such as fish soups, marinades, fish sticks, and shrimp puffs. The business also deals in luxuries like salt-cured roe. In addition, Noble Fish also produces gummy candies in the shape of fish which are popular with children in Ghal Pelor.

Purpose / Function

Production and storage of Noble Fish and Fine Goods products. Some ugly rumors suggest that criminal activity occurs within building


Much of the exterior is built to mimic the artistic style of old balmoral, making the warehouse factory one of the most attractive working structures in the district


Prior to Noble Fish taking over the area a ship construction facility was located here. The foundation of the old building survived the disaster and now makes up part of the bones of the warehouse.
Parent Location


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