Sandor The Guardian of Tairos

No other god is said to be as incorruptible and honorable as Sandor, the Guardian of Tairos. Almost all of the many religions agree that Sandor is the one who brought their gods to this world. He led them through the vastness of the heavens and defended them against the hungering void that craved the light of the gods. Above all he taught them to care for their mortals and to treat them with kindness or suffer his wrath.   Sandor’s most well-known feat, among the countless thousands attributed to him, was the creation of the barrier that barred himself and the others from directly interfering with Tairos. This barrier would come to be known as the Decree of the Light Bringer and Sandor, along with the other gods, forged this grand work to ensure that their worshipers would be safe. Sandor knew that the urges and cravings of deities would always spill over upon mortals and bring with it war, death and suffering. And when mortals suffer at the hands of uncaring gods they can be lured away by Infernal promises or even the whispers of Oblivion. So, he and the other gods called upon their adopted father, Vale The Architect, to grant them power they needed to create the barrier.   The followers of Sandor were most concerned with protecting the defenseless and maintaining peace. In ancient times clerics of Sandor held positions of rule and command. Many were generals, statesmen and kings. Others traveled the land in great congregations acting as peacekeepers and holy armies. They would erect grand temples to their god as well. These temples were said to be like palaces of white marble and stained glass whose golden peaks shined in the sun. They’re are gone today. Balmoral was home to the faith and to the largest of Sandor’s churches. The ruin of that temple is said to be home to doppelgangers now. Minor worship still takes place in Ghal Pelor but most of Sandor’s faithful can be found in Lockland. The Heritage League claim Sandor as a racial icon and translate the meaning of his word to suit their own ideology.

Divine Domains

Law, Good, Protection, Sun, War

Holy Books & Codes

Songs of Light- This is the holy book that contains the traditions and parables of Sandor's history. The name was used heavily in Balmoral where worship of Sandor was most popular. In the rest of Tairos it is generally referred to as simply, The Book of Sandor.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Warhammer against a blazing sun

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Protection of Tairos from outside threats, keeping order and fair play among the gods, preventing divine interference on the mortal plane
Divine Classification
Greater God


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