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The Paradise Lost

After losing the elven Trimaran that was to be Port Sanctuary's first ship her surviving crew instead took this schooner belonging to the owner of a nautical chop-shop in Point Paradise. It was going to be the escape craft used by the criminal enterprise to flee the siege launched by Damien Harkon and his massive vessel, the Maelstrom.
Little is known of the ship's history prior to being conscripted into service by Port Sanctuary's sailors. Its distinguishing features and markings were scrubbed off by the chop-shop operators and many replacement or upgrade pieces were then added on. The weapon emplacements look to have been recently constructed and the foremast upgraded to a larger size. Recent patch work done to the forecastle along with the replacement of the foremast suggest the ship might not have been taken peacefully. The rudder doesn't show the typical reinforcements found in ships common to the turbulent waters of the region either, suggesting its origins may lie elsewhere.
Port Sanctuary plans on using the vessel to establish relations with new business contacts in Far Harbor and to help generate additional revenue for the fledgling city. To what degree those aspirations are fulfilled is entirely in the hands of her new crew.

Current Ship Layout

The Lost Paradise by Christopher Dravus

Weapons & Armament

Two light ballista emplacements (one top-deck mounted on 180 degree swivel placed in the fore of the ship. The other is located on deck two and is mounted on wheels allowing it to move to fire out either the port or starboard weapon's port.) Both with a maximum range of 1500 feet but effective combat range of 800
A single light catapult located on the top deck and mounted on a swivel allowing it a 360 degree arc of fire. The maximum range is 2100 feet but the effective combat range is 1400. This weapon is capable of firing munitions of roughly 90lbs in size.

Hangars & docked vessels

One row boat capable of holding up to 8 passenger/operators
Owning Organization
Estimated worth of 15,000 - 20,000 Gold Pieces
20 Feet
52 feet
12 Feet (Waterline)
24,000 LBS
6 knots (165 miles per day range at peak performance)
Complement / Crew
Skeleton Crew of 4 / ideal operation at crew size of 6
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
13 passengers/crew capacity. 22 tons of cargo capacity assuming full crew

Cover image: Sunrise Sail by Fiction Chick


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