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Rehele Odred

Chairman of the Westbound Star Company

My father and his father before him have been shepherding people back and forth along the old trails long before I took over this company. They gave the Westbound Star the reputation it has today; successful, safe and law-abiding. They saved lives, represented Ghal Pelor with honor and did honorable business. That's not going change with this job. Yes, it's bigger than anything we've done before but that doesn't me we can't do it. This settlement is worth rising to the occasion for. We're helping to forge the future so all you naysayers, cowards, and cutthroats need to harden the hell up or get out because the journey starts tomorrow!
— Rehele Odred shutting down a clammer of dissent among the Westbound Star security forces.
The Odred name is famous in Baradrad for it's the name attached to the founding of the city itself. It is still one of the great houses in the city of Necromancers and it commands both respect and loyalty. However, not every member of a great house chooses to be part of the games played for power, influence and control of the desert kingdom. Such was the case with Rehele's family who left behind the politics and necromantic pursuits of their homeland for the greener lands of Ghal Pelor. Her family joined with other Baradradi in Ghal Pelor; acclimating in some ways and holding true to their traditions in other ways.
Her family became somewhat famous among the small Baradradi community in Ghal Pelor for the long, perilous journey they made through the Scorch and the Balmoran Plains. It was a bold and direct path that no other Baradradi had attempted before; most preferred to take barges along the coast and pay their way from there. They became expert wagon masters and that expertise is what led her family to form the Westbound Star Company
Rehele traveled back and forth along the ancient trails built by the old Concordance many centuries earlier and that's where she mastered her skills as a fighter, tracker, ranger and merchant. Her grandfather, father and uncles taught her everything they knew about the western trails and so when disaster struck and leadership fell to her she was fully prepared for the responsibility.
Though many do not share the same faith in her. There are those in her company that felt leadership should have been passed on to someone else. The more mercenary-minded under employ feel she favors the reputation of the company and Ghal Pelor over profits. These malcontents would rather see the Westbound Star transform into a company of swords-for-hire rather than adhere to its founding values. So far, Rehele and her supporters have been able to quash dissent and keep the business inline with her grandfather's vision but that could change in a moment should an unforeseen accident befall Rehele.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Rehele wears simple clothing that makes travel easier. She rarely wears the exotic clothing of her family's homeland.

Specialized Equipment

Crossbow expert, mounted combat expert, trained in the use of sabres. Expert tracker and navigator

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity



Rehele never attended any formal education institutes but she learned everything she knows from her family and the Baradradi sages that live in Ghal Pelor.


Rehele is the owner of the Westbound Star Company and is currently contracted by the Ghal Peloran government and kingdom of Melanthris to guide the New Sanctuary Expedition to its settlement point.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Taking over the company and representing the ideals of her father and grandfather.

Failures & Embarrassments

The incident that happened at Peregrin Pointe township where a number of her scouts were forced to kill several helpless citizens under the effects of enchantments.

Personality Characteristics


To continue the tradition of honor the company earned under her family's leadership. She would also like to one day visit Baradrad to see the kingdom her family came from.


Contacts & Relations

Audan DaneThe lead ostler of the Westbound Star. Dane is the second in command of the company and a master when it comes to the training, care and domestication of animals. He is a Frostmerite though he hasn't been to the homeland since he was a boy. He's a skilled fighter with a battle ax when he needs to be, otherwise he's Rehele's loyal right hand man. Dane is supported by his assistant, the half elf from Beldon, Ulara Urdin.  
The full resources of the Westbound Star Company - Rehele is the Chairman of the company and the last living relative of its founders. Most of the company is fiercely loyal to her.

Family Ties

The houses of Baradrad are a close-knit collection of bloodlines and they will go out of their way to protect and help each other, especially someone with the name Odred.

Religious Views

Rehele's family was religious and paid respects to the patron god of Baradrad, Neros The Companion. Rehele herself is not particularly religious.


Berenger Coldren

employee (Important)

Towards Rehele Odred



Rehele Odred

Employer (Trivial)

Towards Berenger Coldren




Rehele employs Berenger in the Westbound Star Company as a scout and soldier

Wealth & Financial state

Rehele is a successful entrepreneur whose family has amassed modest wealth because of the Westbound Star Company
Ghal Pelor
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
The Common Tongue, Baradradi, Elven
Ruled Locations


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