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Neros The Companion

Neros is said be a changed god, one who once represented fear, uncertainty, greed and hopelessness. Yet, when the disaster befell the heavens, the light of so many dying divinities filled him and formed a heart where there was only empty darkness before. Neros’ heart was built with the embers of fallen gods and he now experiences their loss, pain and fear as well as their hope, joy and love. Many say that the essence of the dead gods speak to him, haunting him like phantoms or flashes of memories that are not his own.
Tairos knows him as the Companion. The title comes from the idea that all living things must come to an end and their loved ones can only journey with them so far. When the moment of final death comes, there is only one friend left, one friend to help end their suffering and help them pass on to what waits. This friend is Neros and he is there for all who die.
The Vale Manuscript say that Neros was once an enemy to many of the gods before his change of heart. That animosity remains for some of the pantheon. Moradin The Forge-Father of Tairos, Corellon Lolthander The Dawn Master and Atel The Beast have never been able to find the forgiveness needed to absolve Neros. Wynte Lord of the Moon sees no purpose in Neros' existence. Easing the passing of such petty creatures is beneath the station of a god. Others cherish his work such as Tatayne The Breath of Life and Sandor The Guardian of Tairos.  
Many of his beliefs are shared by the followers of Tatayne for the domains of their gods are so intrinsically linked. Tatayne is the guardian of life and there for the moment of birth. Neros is the guardian of death and there for the final moment. Many of Tatayne’s followers will help end a life that is suffering just as Neros’ but his followers and their god do more than just release then living. They believe that Neros finds every departed soul and to help him located the recently dead they recite prayer and light lanterns around the corpse for a full week. They also preserve the body and stave off purification, fearing that a body left to rot will draw in Krutilix who will consume the soul as his children consume the remains.
In Baradrad where Neros’ worship is most prevalent his temples will take the form of mausoleums, crypts and embalming houses. It is here that his veneration is carried out silently by lantern light. The dead are prepared and entombed while the souls are helped into Neros’ waiting arms. It is the worshipers of Neros that are also wardens to the imprisoned undead leftover from the Silent War as well as other more recent offenders.

Divine Domains

Death, Repose, Healing, Protection and Community

Holy Books & Codes

Journey Into Light- Neros' holy text contains the funeral rights held sacred by many races and religions. It is also an informative codex about many types of undead as well. This tome is also known simply as The Book of the Dead by many other religions.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Neros' symbol is a skull that is half white and half black split vertically. His favored weapon is a glaive and it is often used to represent him.

Tenets of Faith

The hungry dead must be slain. The dying should be give every honor. Life and death are equally precious. The bonds of friendship should never be treated lightly.


Dates of death are celebrated by the followers of Neros. The passing into the afterlife is a time of great revelry

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Neros always seeks to maintain the balance between life and death. His followers believe he would be apalled by the death energy that infests the Leylines now and that he seeks to right the damage caused by The Queen's Rebuke
Divine Classification
Greater God


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