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Tatayne The Breath of Life

Tatayne is one of the most important and influential deities of Tairos. Her worship is one that had spread to almost every major city because of how vital her role was in the pantheon of gods. Tatayne is said to be the one who discovered the land of Tairos and who acted as the divining rod that led the other gods through the void to their new home. She is able to sense life and to tap into the great currents of energy known as the Well of Life from which all living things draw from.
She is also the only who can speak with and hear the voice of Vale The Architect, the greatest of the divinities of Tairos. All his commands were said to be delivered through her for Vale knew that Tatayne alone would never twist his word.
In ancient times, Tatayne was worshiped as a goddess of protection whom expectant mothers all prayed to her for the health of their babies. She is said to have taught each of the races to harness herbs and create healing techniques that physicians use to this day. Many also thought her to be the source for all mending magic used by either priest or magician.
Her followers were traveling apothecaries, herbalists and midwives who believed that protecting and mending living things was of the utmost importance. They also believed that allowing suffering to continue was a sin. Tatayne was as much a patron to the living as she was to the dying and her followers would find peaceful ways to help the terminally ill pass without pain. The beliefs of Tatayne are very closely aligned with those of Neros The Companion and thus both the gods and their mortal followers often work closely together.
Interestingly enough, the Goddess of Life is also widely worshiped among the Necromancers of Baradrad. They believe in existences without suffering, protecting life and using their abilities to protect the living just as she does. They also believe that the reanimation of the dead is done with Tatanye’s power. That each carries a small spark of her life magic within them.

Divine Domains

Protection, Healing, Repose, Community

Holy Books & Codes

The Book of Tatayne- The hymns and parables inside are simple ones about the joy of life and the importance of community, family and children. It does also speak about her role as the Voice of Vale.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Her symbol is three blooming flowers. She is also often represented by hand with the eye of Vale on its palm.

Tenets of Faith

Birth is sacred. Painful deaths and unnecessary losses of life are a terrible sin.


Birthdays are very important to Tatayne and her followers

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Tatayne believes in community and expanding the safe realms of her followers and the followers of the other goodly gods. She also despises disease and pushes her followers to fight against the spread of the Plague of Undeath and the works of Krutillix.
Divine Classification
Intermediate God


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