Vale The Architect

Before the beginning there was the end of another story. In every beginning there is The Architect. In every end he carries the seeds of the next beginning
— First Words Inside The Vale Manuscripts
In the first three simple lines of the Vale Manuscripts the burden, purpose and power of Vale is made visible. Religious scholars have dissected and debated the nature of Vale for centuries and no clear consensus exists. What they can agree on is that he is unlike any other god, he is something more, something enduring, eternal and far older than any divinity. Heretical comparisons have been drawn between Vale and the hungering darkness of Oblivion and The Traveler but such theories are met with disgust and dismissal.
When one cross-references all of the holy texts of the other gods and looks for commonalities the story of Vale becomes somewhat more clear. Across the heavens and planes of reality, life was once plentiful. Yet, time after time mortals and gods alike warred with each other, invoking dreadful powers to further their petty schemes. Light would triumph over darkness and the balance was always maintained. However, as the Vale Manuscripts say, one god in particular tipped the balance in favor of entropy. This god is not named but is believed to be the first deity, the father of all gods as Vale is the father of creation. This god a was tyrant during his divine life and his children were forced to kill him. In death it is said he fell into Oblivion and returned eons later as an all-consuming nightmare. In Malyse The Libertine's holy book, The Ecstatic Surrenders, it states that Vale dueled the hunger of Oblivion and defeated it but at great cost. He expended most of his power and slumbers now, rarely waking.
Priests of Vale are rare indeed for they are chosen by the dreams of their patron. He was said to select only those with vast potential for good and that they would be his agents in the mortal realm. He imbued them with his essence and used them to push back against the infectious touch of Oblivion.
Temples to Vale are monumental affairs containing observatories and solariums, white marble and gold. His symbol, the watchful eye, adorns every doorway and his libraries are filled with treaties on the destruction of the servants of darkness. Balmoral and Melanthris held the largest of his temples. Today, the Balmoral temple is abandoned and the Highborn elves have closed their's off to the public long ago.

Divine Domains

Law, Good, Sun, Glory, Knowledge, Magic, and History

Holy Books & Codes

The Vale Manuscripts- This is considered by most scholars and worshipers of the pantheon to be the true history of the gods. It seems to exist as a reliable narrator to contrast the more biased accounts of the other gods.   It speaks of a group of survivors, desperate and weary from the loss of their old worlds and realms. It describes these survivors as the other gods of Tairos' pantheon and how on other worlds and other realms they were known by different names. It explains that they came here to start over and be kind shepherds to the mortals they found here.   Vale's words teach that the gods were self-obsessed, prideful, petty and vain but Tairos gave the a second chance and hope to redeem the failures they were responsible for on other worlds and in other planes.   It also speaks a great deal about the cosmic force known as Oblivion. Sentient entropy that has always existed. Both entity and realm at the same time. The manuscripts teach of its warping and corrupting influence and its desire to end all things. The being known as The Traveler is believed to be a manifestation of Oblivion.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Vale's symbol is an all-seeing eye that looks down upon all things. His favored weapon is the morning star and it is often used to represent him.

Tenets of Faith

All things deserve a chance at redemption. There can be no compromise with the servants of corruption. The gods have one last chance to make something of valuable of their existence. As the gods watch over mortals so must the mortals watch over the gods.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Prevent the corrupting powers of the cosmos from devouring Tairos as they have so many other places. Protect the gods from themselves.
Divine Classification


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