Wynte Lord of the Moon

The Dark Prince of Tairos

Wynte is said to dwell in his opulent lunar palace surrounded by beautiful yet mute servants. He is the older brother of Sandor The Guardian of Tairos yet throughout his existence he was overlooked by their adopted father, Vale The Architect. Sandor was always the shining beacon, the god the others turned to for hope and wisdom. Wynte was seen as hedonistic, jealous, and covetous of power for its own sake. Yet he is also known as the greatest artist in all the heavens.
When the gods first came to Tairos, Wynte believed it was his turn to rule. Vale’s voice was silent on the matter as it had been silent on all other matter previously. Wynte made his case and Sandor suggested that all the gods should cast a vote for whom should lead them in this new world. Sandor’s proposal for leadership was the creation of the barrier between the divine and mortal realm... to act only as stewards to the mortals. Wynte’s cause was very different. He believed that mortals were too short-sighted and chaotic to live unfettered to the gods. He also believed that Tairos itself was rugged and lacked beauty. He proposed a reshaping of the very land itself to better suit their worshippers, while wiping away mortal stains like orcs, goblins and halflings.
When the vote passed and few supported Wynte he challenged his brother to battle knowing that his great strength and mastery over illusion would aid him. He hoped to defeat Sandor and then make his younger brother live in his shadow from then on. Instead, Vale spoke. He said that he would support the winner of this duel but the combatants would be made mortal for the fight. Sandor accepted, even knowing that his brother was a stronger warrior and likely to kill him. He believed in his cause and was willing to give his life. Wynte refused, fearing injury or death. For his cowardice Vale punished him. He took away the voices of all of Wynte’s servants so that they could never again lavish praise upon their master.
Worshippers of Wynte were always few in number but they came from liberal walks of life. Typically they were artists and musicians who cherished their god’s eye for beauty. Many prideful warriors would take Wynte as their patron, seeing within him a quest for personal perfection and glory that they wished for themselves. The scorned, spiteful and betrayed would often turn to him as well hoping for his boons to aid them in revenge. The few temples to Wynte resembled art houses and theaters more than places of worship. No known temple dedicated to him still stands.

Divine Domains

Nobility, Charm, Strength, Darkness, Glory and Trickery

Holy Books & Codes

Wynte has no official holy book. Worshippers will often create art dedicated in his honor though.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Bejeweled goblet against a deep red background. A mace is his favored weapon and frequently used as his symbol. He cherishes the mace for its ability to shatter the precious art and fragile trinkets of lesser skilled artesians.

Tenets of Faith

Wynte forbids the destruction of any art he holds dear. The destruction of his favored pieces is punishable by torture and death.   Executions carried out in Wynte's name are done by drowning the victim in wine.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Take his brother's place as head of the Tairosian pantheon. Destroy unsightly things (especially orcs, goblinoids and halflings all of which he despises)
Divine Classification
Greater God


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