Atel The Beast

Atel’s rage is so renown that it finds mention in the holy texts of Vale, Tatayne, Galadir, Corellon, Jedha, Neros and Ephias. He is said to be a master with all forms of weapons but prefers the crushing blows delivered by his heavy pick. The weapon is believed to be made from the tooth of world devouring yellow worm that he slew during the ancient days before mortal life existed. Atel is ancient, savage, and above all else honorable.
Atel is said to be one of the stalwart defenders of surviving gods that Vale and Sandor led to Tairos. He saw them as kin, brothers and sisters all, who deserved his strength and valor even if many of their morals were faded or false. Among them Galidir The Hunter was his greatest friend and rival. Many stories in both their teachings contain mention of the two gods working together or trying to prove themselves in competition against one another. Galidir favors nature and the hunter’s ability to use his surroundings toward his own ends. Atel embraces the chaotic and dangerous aspects of nature with no regard for manipulating it. He is the beast in all its many forms.
And yet he does not give in to the reckless urges of nature. He is constantly at war with himself, holding himself in check and preventing the dark cravings of his animalistic side from taking control. He teaches his followers the same- that within every soul there is a light and there is a shadow and the light holds back that shadow so long as the light is fed and the darkness denied. As such his followers are pious, pure and quick to surrender lives of vice and temptation.
Like his friend Galidir, Atel has never preferred grand temples. He favors simple groves, seaside caves and wintry peaks to be his church. His followers would gather at these places and take their omens from the patterns of great beasts, ocean waves, falling snow or rain. His celebrations were great reveries far from any civilization where he and his followers could drop their guards and embrace any urge. Most believe they were just drunken ceremonies filled with sex, feasting and games but some old tales say that during these gatherings mortals transformed into beasts and Atel himself ran with the pack.

Divine Domains

Water, Animals, Weather, War and Goodness

Holy Books & Codes

Atel has no holy book. His story is etched into stones far from the eyes of civilization. These carvings have no words, only images of nature, beasts and survival.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Atel's symbol is the horns of an elk and his favored weapon is a heavy pick which is often used to represent him.

Tenets of Faith

Survival and strength are virtues. Be pure and deliberate in your actions. Choose honor over deception.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Atel looks to protect his adopted divine family from the horrors of the void between stars and the gods that have chosen darkness. He wishes to teach simple forms of honor to mortals as well.
Divine Classification
Lesser God


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