Galidir The Hunter

Galadir, the cunning hunter was a favored visitor in the court of the gods. Many holy books cite the great beasts he would slay and then drop at the foot of Sandor The Guardian of Tairos' throne. He’s said to have vanquished everything from legendary monsters to even primitive divinities all in the pursuit of glory and fame among his fellow gods. He’s also said to have been an incredibly practiced lover who sired many children with mortals.
He prefers the forest above all other places and uses his divine talents to speak with animals, strengthen nature and guard hunters who venture into his domain. It’s no surprise that so many of his followers are rangers, explorers and guides who make their living in the forests. Many simple rituals are mumbled by his followers before knocking a bow and slaying an animal in his domain. And, before even entering the woods they will make an offering to their god in the form of seeds dropped on the forest floor to expand his realm.
Among the pantheon, Galidir is believed said to be a close ally and friend of Atel. Many legends shared by followers of both deities speak of the great conquests and adventures they've had together. Though as popular as he is with some of the divine court there are others that detest him and Atel. Malyse The Libertine considers Galidir and his followers to be reckless barbarians who would disrupt her more civil celebrations. Wynte Lord of the Moon and Ssambrae find Galidir and Atel to be equally disturbing and garishly simple-minded.
Galidir asks little of his followers save for one thing: protect the forests at all costs. His believers go to great pains to exterminate races like goblins, kobolds and orcs for they deplete the forests of their bounty and give nothing back. A great many of Galidir’s most faithful have also deemed the logging operations in Rylan Woods to be an affront to their god. Even today, some of them believe that their god would end his silence if the destruction of the mills is complete.
There are no temples to Galidir. He asks for nothing lasting to be built in his name. Instead, he prefers his followers worship him with efforts that preserve nature and through lively festivals. Many holy holidays are held in his name and they are all generally celebrated the same way, through drunken reveries deep in the forest. Such celebrations often culminate with the offering of a maiden to Galidir. She is given the most potent intoxicants and wine before being led deep into the woods and left under the care of their god. The maiden always finds her way back to the gathering by morning and it’s said the next child she bears will carry some Galidir’s divine blood.

Divine Domains

Travel, Animals, Glory and Weather

Holy Books & Codes

Hunter's Heart- Galidir's texts are often just simple booklets or single scrolls containing his simple wisdom about giving back as much as you take. They are generally handwritten by each follower and often filled with illustrations featuring hunter's weapons and magical beasts.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Galidir's symbol is a sapling and a sword representing his beliefs in taking and giving back to the earth. His favored weapon is a short sword is often used to represent him

Tenets of Faith

Tend to the earth and care for it without question as it provides for you without question. Live a life of glory and seek to be remembered.


Galidir has many holidays but they are relatively the same. They celebrate some great beast or legend. And that celebration is one of drunken debauchery, contests of strength and challenging threats to natures.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Galidir's driving goal is always the safety of the forest and spreading natural habitats to all corners of Tairos. He has a natural disdain for any being that destroys wildlife without giving back to nature .
Divine Classification
Lesser God


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