Malyse The Libertine

The most ancient of holy text describe Malyse as a peerless diplomat who was said to soothe even the deepest of contentions or incite animosity where only harmony existed before. The Vale Manuscripts say that she was responsible for gathering the surviving gods together and helping them negotiate a peaceful accord.
Tairos proved to be plentiful, safe and full of distractions for the newly arrived divinities. While the other gods were interacting with the primitive races, Malyse threw herself into experiencing Tairos first hand. And she would share her discoveries with the mortals. Wine, confectionaries, art and other luxuries were her gifts. Moradin The Forge-Father of Tairos turned them away from his dwarves fearing that such trivial indulgences would make his people weak. Wynte Lord of the Moon, saw her methods as hopelessly wasted on mortals. He believed that such works of art and enjoyment should either be done in dedication to the gods or belong only to the gods. Sharing it with mortals was distasteful to him in the extreme. Her twin sister Nisaba The Lady Midnight is often found in Malyse's company and written about in her holy text. The two seem to deeply appreciate each other and share many of the same views on the other gods.
Worship of Malyse became a pursuit of indulgence, hedonism, and revelry. She taught her worshipers to appreciate their urges and to feed them so long as they did no harm to others. To that end her temples became brothels, wineries, great gardens and dining halls where the only form of veneration was excess and debauchery.
When the Leylines were at their breaking point and The Queen's Rebuke nearing completion it was said that Malyse made a choice unlike any of the other gods. She chose to surrender the majority of her power and travel through the leylines to Tairos. Her holy texts say that she walks the land now experiencing earthly pleasures first hand as an earth-bound immortal. Many believe she travels from city to city keeping her faith alive and sharing pleasures from across the land. Others believe she’s actually trying to repair the damage done by the Queen’s Rebuke as a means of making amends for the frivolous godhood she led before.
Whatever her fate, Malyse’s worship is a popular one among the wealthy and hedonistic. Her faithful will anoint themselves with wine or honeyed balms in the morning, kiss her rose-shaped symbol before engaging in carnal pleasures and feed fine foods into a burning flame as an offering to their goddess.
Above all else they thank her every time one of their cravings is feed and pray to her when the pang of desire grips their hearts.

Divine Domains

Community. Liberation, Charm, Luck

Holy Books & Codes

The Ecstatic Surrenders- Malyse's holy book is one that is equal parts religious text, recipe guide and pornography. It contains the means of cultivating intoxicants, brewing fine meads, barreling wine, offering placations to the other gods, organizing joyous celebrations and indulging in and granting heightened levels of sexual pleasure .

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Malyse' symbol is a single red rose inside a thorned, viney circle. She is often represented by a whip, her favored weapon.

Tenets of Faith

Pleasure before obligation. Spread desire and share your passion with any that willingly accept it. Harming another for your enjoyment is a sin.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Malyse's goals were typified by not really having any long-term goals. Such planning and efforts were believed to bore her. She preferred to live in the moment. However, if some of what her followers believe is true then she may now walk Tairos trying desperately to undo the damage of the Queen's Rebuke.
Divine Classification
Lesser God


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