Moradin The Forge-Father of Tairos

The Iron God (a.k.a. Mountain Father)

With a single cleaving blow Moradin carved out the mountains of Ghal Ankhar before filling the deep wounds in the earth with gold, diamonds and precious stones. Or so the prehistoric cave drawings of the Dwarves say. In truth, little is really known of the Iron God, Moradin.
The most ancient of texts say he came to Tairos with the other gods. Before that he tended to dwarven empires all across the heavens. They say he is the creator of dwarven kind and far older than most things adrift in the planes or the void of space. If these other dwarven empires still exist, they are not spoken of by Moradin. No mention of them can be found in the holy books of the dwarves either.
What is known is that Moradin relishes battle and the forging of weapons and armor. He is said to have gleefully marched to war against the dark totems and divine powers of the goblins, orcs and kobolds. He was proud to direct his people in the siege of the Serpent Lands and the scouring of the walking dead during the great plague. He is fond of sport, tests of strength and competition.
Moradin’s faith is a strict, severe and dutiful one. His followers worship him from the scalding stone floors of forge-temples. His holy symbols are the tools of the blacksmith and the weapons of a peerless warrior. His priests were equal part holy men, soldiers and learned engineers who walk the dark corridors of the mountains preaching his word and smiting the abominable.
In modern Tairos the only place of organized worship of the Forge Father is in the mountain dwarves’ capital. Otherwise, traveling merchants in Frostmere or Ghal Pelor are the only source for Moradin’s sermons and even than they more likely told over ale in a dark tavern than in a temple.

Divine Domains

Artifice, Earth, Rune, War

Holy Books & Codes

Iron and Honor- This is the book that holds the teachings of Moradin which are all recorded in ire-filled parables, grudges and divine proclamations. in The Common Tongue it is often referred to simply as The Book of Iron.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Moradin's symbol is a golden anvil with a horned helmet emblazoned on its face.   A double-headed battle axe is his favored weapon and frequently used to represent Moradin.

Tenets of Faith

Moradin teaches his followers to honor their creations as they honor him. No tool is to be neglected. No creation should be wrought with less than maximum effort.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Advance mortal understanding of engineering, compete with the other gods for influence and status, settle grudges against his enemies and protect Tairos from the rise of monsters.
Divine Classification
Greater God


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