Corellon The Dawn Master

Morning Lord

Elven tales of their great god Corellon are some of the most fantastic and bizarre of any told about Tairos’ deities. They say the elven people were once plentiful and spread across the many planes of reality and stars in the heaven and that Corellon was one of many powerful deities in their vast pantheon. It’s also said that an ancient enemy that dwells in the hungry darkness between places consumed most of the elven grandeur including their gods. Corellon was once one of the greatest among their gods but the stories say he is the last of them now.
Corellon Lolthander has been the primary god of the Elves of Tairos since primitive times. He was often called the Morning Lord by his people who looked to him to start each new day. They believed he chased away the moon every night and prevented darkness from swallowing the land.
In ancient times Corellon was always a quiet deity. He chose to guide his people as best as possible but never to control them. His teachings put forward the idea that the soul could only truly prosper when it was free of coercion, obligation and pain. To that end he was generous with his people in terms of knowledge, magic and miracles but preferred rarely to speak directly to them. He feared direct contact would lead his people to venerate him dogmatically and he did not want that to be their fate. He was a strong supporter of Sandor and the creation of the barrier between the gods and mortals.
Modern worship of Corellon Lolthander became something entirely different. By the time of the Fang Crusades faith in Corellon was already waning in importance within Melanthris. The peasant lands were always firm believers in their god and faithful to his tenants of respect, virtue and goodness but the highborn put those concerns second. The nobility built grand temples to Corellon that resembled glorious ethereal palaces but they were always within the city. It established that Melanthris was only an arm’s reach away from divinity and that only through them could Corellon be reached.
  In truth, since the end of Fang Crusades and the ages that followed the nobility of Melanthris came to despise and resent Corellon. They thought of his unwillingness to speak to them as crass arrogance. They hated hearing how members of the peasantry claimed to hear his voice and message so clearly when they could not. They feared what could be done in his name rather than theirs. Few if any of the highborn elves truly cared about Corellon and when The Queen's Rebuke silenced him they were secretly pleased by it. For most, it meant the end of his insult. A few hoped the rebuke actually killed Corellon and that they were free of their burdensome god.

Divine Domains

Magic, Nobility, Stars, Goodness, The Sun, Protection

Holy Books & Codes

The Promise of Dawn- Correllon's holy text is often written within a book who's cover glitter like frosted silver and the pages are kept a crisp white. Every word is written in gold ink. It teaches of the ancient magics and traditions that the Dawn God holds dear. It also contains a number of star charts and references to the original home of the gods.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

His symbol is crown and scepter amid a field of glistening stars.   A longbow is often used to represent him as well since this is Lolthander's favorite weapon

Tenets of Faith

Avoid conquest and the theft of another's freedom.   Choose wisdom over violence   Dignity over arrogance

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Uphold the separation of the divine and mortal worlds, protect Tairos from the dangers of the stars, promote the virtues of personal freedom to mortals and the gods, increase his understanding of magic
Correllon Lolthander
Divine Classification
Greater God


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