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Port Sanctuary

Is the bar done yet? We should have built the gods' damned bar first!
— Shout overheard on the docks
One can't make the claim that New Sanctuary is without ambition. Within the first three months of its construction work was already under way to lay the foundation for her first colony of sorts, Port Sanctuary. Rehele Odred, one of the members of the city's Provisional Council, was quick to push for building a port and beginning sea trade with the many coastal communities along the mainland as well as Far Harbor. She reasoned that if they did not find an secondary means of funding New Sanctuary quickly then they'd all to quickly become reliant on Melanthris's wealth. Having served on the council with Faelael Mirosaer during the Expedition informed her everything she needed to know about the High Lords of the elven capital and what it would mean to be dependent upon them.
The Council was able to quickly negotiate for the additional parcel of land with Melanthris, making sure to do so prior to shipping over the first harvest of food and making full use of High Lords' short-term desperation. Once granted Rehele and a small team of construction workers (made up mostly of her Baradradi kin and employees of her Westbound Star Company )began their work. Disaster would strike within the first weeks as a heavy storm flooded the work zone destroying much of the foundation and sweeping away a massive portion of their construction supplies. Many in the Council urged her to give up on the project but after a passionate plea she managed to win over the votes she needed to requisition more supplies. This would be when the colony would encounter its greatest foe, the New Sanctuary Chronicle. The paper was deeply critical of the expenditure of supplies to replace what was lost and made several attempts to blame Rehele for the carelessness that lost the original building materials. The Chronicle's reporting has cost Port Harbor considerable good will among the citizens of New Sanctuary; forcing Rehele to prove the profitability of this venture as quickly as possible.
It is to that end that Port Sanctuary prioritized the construction of her docks and the requisitioning of a ship to launch before anything else... even shelter for the workers. While her teams slept in tents beneath the storm wracked skies of the western coast the docks were built out bit by bit with every drop of skill and supplies the construction teams could muster. Finding a ship to launch proved to be the more challenging endeavor.
The Council would never approve the expense nor would she garner support from the citizens thanks to the Chronicle. As animosity grew toward the project Rehele sensed that time was running out. Its in those rather desperate weeks that she suddenly came forward with a magnificent Melanthrin Trimaran to serve as the Port's flagship. Rumors quickly circulated that she uncovered some secret of Lord Mirosaer's and blackmailed him or that she stole the ship from the docks of the elven capital herself. Even wilder rumors say she traversed the Konning Castle Anomaly and stole a ship from the past or that she sold her soul demons in exchange for the mighty vessel. Whatever the case, the glistening vessel was brought to the docks and set to receive the last of her crew when yet another tragedy struck.
The trimaran was stolen the night before her launch by Black Thorn Society agents who took the ship and most of the crew to the lawless port of Point Paradise. It's there the vessel was quickly chopped for parts and gutted by the criminals living there. Rehele sent the specialists who were meant to be onboard to search for the ship and bring it home. When they discovered the fate of the trimaran and an ongoing attack on Point Paradise by the pirate lord Damien Harkon they fled but not before stealing a ship from the chop shops. The crew christened the ship the Paradise Lost and Rehele was happy enough to revise the truth regarding what vessel was originally meant to be the flagship.
The Paradise Lost is currently out to sea and generating revenue while Port Sanctuary is still hastily being build. Rehele hopes the crew of the ship will be able garner goodwill both in the Tairuk Island Chain and with the coastal communities along the mainland. So much so that additional ships can be justified and more income opportunities open up that will further uncouple New Sanctuary from reliance on their elven neighbors.


The majority of the people occupying Port Sanctuary were members of Rehele Odred's Westbound Star Company. Many of which are Baradradi.


The Provisional Council of New Sanctuary governs the port


The members of the Westbound Star Company are used to conflict and are themselves competent fighters when need be but the port has no official defense force. They do have two light ballistas under construction which will help guard against ocean-born threats

Industry & Trade

Currently, all of the port's industry and trade revolves around the The Paradise Lost. Future plans for a full shipyard and trade-hub for the coastal cities exist but to date there is no funding or support for such expansions


Access to fishing. Fertile farmland

Guilds and Factions

So far the only faction operating in the port is Rehele's Westbound Star Company which makes up the majority of the workforce inhabitants. The larger and more successful the operation becomes the more it will peak the interest of Enreika Daggramar and her branch of the Labor Union of Ghal Pelor. Based on what happened with the trimaran there is also a fear that the Black Thorn Society is looking to infiltrate the operation. Rehele has recently replaced all of the guards with people from her company and shuffled around staff in positions of importance to more menial tasks unless they have previously been part of Westbound Star as well.
200 workers and craftsmen
Location under

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