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Faelael Mirosaer

Prince of House Mirosaer, Third of His Name, Oathsworn to the Crown of Milanthris

The blight that runs through the villages of our peasantry spreads further every day. That infection seeps from them and into our fields, our lake and the sages we send to help them. I do not propose we abandon them to their fate but I do suggest we prioritize matters. If the peasantry perishes we lose loyal servants and that is truly saddening. However, if we are lost the cost to our race and to Tairos is beyond imagining. Once this caravan establishes a new farmland for us only then can we put our every effort into purifying the peasantry.
— Lord Faelael Mirosaer in his plea for support for the New Sanctuary Expedition
The Prince of House Mirosaer is a young man by elven standards, but at over three hundred years old he can easily remember the age of elven supremacy over the land. That superiority was born from the elven alliance with The Autumn Queen and her Fae but that fact carries little weight in his mind. To him, the Fae chose the most power ally they could and that was the Elves.
Faelael is typical of elves in his position. He is deeply ambitious and has little tolerance for the endeavors of the other races. He sees Ghal Pelor as a threat to Melanthris' return to prominence yet he also recognizes they may be the only chance his people have at securing a reliable supply of food. That desperation has forced him and many like him to accept that a new age is on the horizon; one where survival may have to come at the cost of old borders and old traditions.
The Prince of House Mirosaer brings centuries of experience to the expedition. He's a peerless combatant, a tactician, politician and forceful leader. He is also deeply concerned with keeping the caravan on track and making sure they do not expand beyond the scope of their mission.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Peak physical condition for a elven soldier

Identifying Characteristics

Has a long scar upon the palm of his hand from grabbing an assassin's dagger meant for his heart.

Special abilities

Dark Vision, Keen Senses, Resistance to being charmed and put to sleep, Innate magic (knows the Cantrips Blade Ward and True Strike)

Apparel & Accessories

Generally prefers the silvers, deep blues and whites of his House's colors. Will always been found in elven finery.

Specialized Equipment

Spear and shield fighter. Renown tactician

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity



He has studied combat in the military schools of House Mirosaer where he honed his skills to technical perfection. He's campaigned against the pirates of Far Harbor and the lonely lands surrounding the Bitter Depths. Politics, magic and history were all taught to him in the halls of the King's palace when he took on the mantle of Oathsworn.


The title of Oathsworn is given only to those who are willing to dedicate their lives to the service of the current Sorolwyn King of Melanthris. He is technically in the employ of the Crown. However, there are few that truly believe Prince Mirosaer would put the Crown before his House.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Earning the title of Oathsworn and his place in the King's court. Defeating an assassin from the Bitter Depths in single combat.

Failures & Embarrassments

Having to turn to Ghal Pelor for food


To be talked down to by the other races. To be made a fool of by them. To bring dishonor to his House.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Spear and Shield Combat, Coercion, Battlefield Tactics


Faelael washes frequently and uses both soaps and oils from Melanthris to keep clean. He often smells like sandlewood and frankincense, the primary ingredient in those luxuries.


Contacts & Relations

Teradyne Elite - Faelael travels with 12 of House Mirosaer's most valuable and well trained soldiers. The Teradyne elite are named after the House founder's fable spear, Teradyne, which in the elven tongue translates to Heartseeker. They are trained in spear and shield combat as well as being accomplished archers. These men and women are loyal to House Mirosaer above all others, even the crown of Melanthris.

Aurae Yanith -
Elf Female
Consort to the Prince. Aurae has been Faelael's favored consort for over a decade now and she has been in service to House Mirosaer for at least twenty years prior to being chosen by the Prince. She is an accomplished diplomat in her own way. She favors compromise, discourse and when all else fails political blackmail. She is also trained as a healer has used those skills to repair her injured Prince when the need arises. Both her and Faelael are very close and if House tradition allowed it he would wed her.

Religious Views

Like the rest of the elven nobility Faelael resents the gods, especially Corellon The Dawn Master. He believes he, the Houses and the Crown have done more for the mortals of Tairos then they ever have.

Social Aptitude

Faelael is refined, intimidating and cold in his interactions with others. The only exception to that is with the King of Melanthris and his chosen consort. The King he shows the proper respect to when needed and to Aurae he shows true affection when they are alone. In public he treats her as a valued servant.

Wealth & Financial state

House Mirosaer has almost unlimited wealth
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Elven, The Common Tongue, Dwarven, Baradradi, Frostmerite


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