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Do you care to comment on statements made by unnamed sources close to the Provisional Council that contradict the claims you're making today!
— Chronicle Reporter to the Provisional Council's representative
Few could have imagined that the first business in New Sanctuary to open would be Chronicle. Before even the general store opened its doors the Chronicle's proprietor, Corbin D. Tucker would chasing down Council leaders and scout companies to ask hard questions about progress . Corbin came from Ghal Pelor with the rest of the caravan and with him he brought his most precious belonging... his printing press. Before the Provisional Council could begin to question Corbin about his original claim of being a blacksmith and that his wagon carried only smithing supplies dozens of copies of the Chronicle's first issue were circulating.
The paper's popularity skyrocketed from the very beginning. Citizens had always felt that too much of the decision making for the caravan was happening behind closed doors and some of those decisions (bring the Fae into the community, choosing the path through the swamps near Becklinberg, the handling of civilian punishments ect ect ect) were less than favorable. Within the first two months of New Sanctuary's existence the Chronicle had added three more full-time reporters and a small staff of office workers to help produce copies of the paper to meet the citizens' demand.
Some of their most popular and ongoing stories involve the disappearance of Councilmen Enry Burblecutt, the vanishing of the imprisoned wizard Heinreich Klamp, coverage both good and ill of the Fae people, the Provisional Council's handling of local issues as well as their promise of free elections, features on new business openings, and most recently the progress of the The Paradise Lost.
As popular as the paper has become it is not without its detractors. Councilmen Faelael Mirosaer despises the publication and often comments on the futility of allowing common scribes to pontificate on the decisions made by their lords. Tucker has pushed for his reporters to continue digging into the Black Thorn Society influence that is rumored to have taken root in New Sanctuary and this doesn't sit well the organization's shadowy agents. The only thing seemingly holding back the Black Thorn from eliminating Tucker and his team is that such an action would only confirm their presence and force the authorities to act. The Konning Sisters feel that the Chronicle's positive coverage of their people is few and far between while almost daily stories fill its columns regarding aloof and mysterious fae activity.
Despite its enemies the paper shows no sign of slowing the ever-increasing popularity it has with the locals. Issues of the paper have risen in price several times to where a single issue now costs one silver piece but that hasn't stopped each copy from selling out by mid day. Local businessmen happily buy advertising space to bark about their openings or daily specials. Local influencers use the paper as a platform to preach about whatever issues they hold dear. Even the Provisional Council recognizes the value the paper offers to get information out quickly and into the peoples' hands. The New Sanctuary Chronicle's future in the growing city looks assured though many secretly are vying for control of what the paper publishes. Tucker and his reporters have so far managed to remain impartial and immune to the temptation that so many different powers have happily dangled before them.


To offer unbiased reporting to New Sanctuary's citizens

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The Chronicle is an ongoing daily news source with an active publication status

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Public sentiment toward the paper remains at a consistent high. The Fae community within New Sanctuary is less than thrilled with some of their portrayal in the publication however. Those loyal to Faelael Mirosaer or having come from Melanthris hold a dim view of the idea of free-press and view the concept as a nuisance.
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