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Berenger Coldren

(a.k.a. Barry)

I could wait around here to eventually join you my love. Neros knows it can't be far off for me. Yet, maybe there's a few good fights left in me, Starla. What kinda man would I be if I didn't put those to good use. I'll see you soon my love, I just don't think these old bones are gunna end up next to you here.
— Berenger at his wife's grave
Duty, honor and courage. The life of Berenger Coldren has been about the pursuit of these ideals that always seem just out of reach. For him, the very concepts have been romanticized beyond attainability.
Berenger's been chasing his dream since he was a young boy in the Farmlands of Ghal Pelor where he joined the local militia and challenged threats like the Red Vest bandits. By the age of twenty one he left for Ghal Pelor to join the army. Tensions were high in those days as the Tengu had just arrived only a few decades prior, goblin tribes were on the rise and a hoard of the undead were swarming eastward. Berenger's training was in the field and his life on the line from there very beginning. He rose quickly through the ranks of the army, proving himself battle after battle, year after year.
Life as a solider was good to Berenger. He saw the distant lands of Tengu Town and the violent Butcher Yards of the Dougal clan. He met his wife Starla in the southern district of Ghal Pelor and made his way into the prestigious ranks of the Dragoons. He had three children, built a beautiful home in the farmlands and eventually retired with good money.
Yet, they story of his life is not the same one his children would tell. To them, their father was always gone on one campaign or another. Their mother raised them and taught them everything they needed to know about life. When Berenger was home he tried to teach them about heroics, honor and courage but these were of no real practical use them. He brought them trinkets from his travels and told them stories from his adventures but both of these became rarer and rarer as he took on increasingly longer tours of duty. When Berenger finally came home to retire it was to a family that had already gone their separate ways. His daughter to the city proper and his two sons to start farms of their own. His children had little interest in getting to know their father. Starla did her best to connect with Berenger and live a good life with him. She felt she owed him that much since he was the father of their children and he did provide for them. And in his own mind he was the perfect father and husband. She refused to take that notion from him.
Starla passed two years ago, a fever that grew worse and worse till it took her one hot summer night. Berenger hasn't seen his children since that night. He says they're too busy with their own lives, families and responsibilities. It was just him, his empty farm and the little grave by Starla's favorite oak tree. With all of the them gone the yearning quickly returned to him. The desire to chase honor, pursue duty and live a life of courage. He grabbed up his gear and brought his lifetime of expertise to the New Sanctuary Expedition under Rehele's leadership.
His children wish him the best, even though none of them could make it out to see him before he set off on the road. In truth, they know full well what Berenger can't bring himself to ever admit. He's relieved. As much as he loved Starla and them and the farm he loved his quests even more. They're happy for him in a way. He finally get's to embrace the life he always dreamed of and never has to look back to Ghal Pelor again.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Elderly yet very fit and healthy for his age

Identifying Characteristics

Missing an eye. It was lost in battle against clan Dougal in the Butcher Yards

Mental characteristics


Field Training with the Grand Army of Ghal Pelor


Currently with the Westbound Star Company

Accomplishments & Achievements

Having fought at numerous important battles in the last 40 years of service.

Morality & Philosophy

Berenger lives by a strict code of ethics. He sees himself as a virtuous man and a defender of the helpless. He'll go to every length to protect those who can't protect themselves. Especially The Ghal Pelorians


Taking of innocent life

Personality Characteristics


To make life better for those he's sworn to protect. To live a life dedicated to duty, honor and courage.


Family Ties

Sienna Coldren - Daughter. Lives in Ghal Pelor and works in the trade district

Jacob Coldren - Son. Lives in the Farmlands of Ghal Pelor and runs a large farm and cattle ranch

Wren Coldren - Son. Lives in the Farmlands of Ghal Pelor and runs a modest farm specializing in growing barley, wheat and other specialty ingredients for Ackley Ales

Religious Views

Believes in the old gods and still prays to them.


Berenger Coldren

friend (Important)

Towards Erik Shepherd



Erik Shepherd

friend (Important)

Towards Berenger Coldren




Berenger is Erik's commanding officer. He looks at Erik as courageous but vulnerable youth in need of protection, education and friendship

Berenger Coldren

employee (Important)

Towards Rehele Odred



Rehele Odred

Employer (Trivial)

Towards Berenger Coldren




Rehele employs Berenger in the Westbound Star Company as a scout and soldier

Ghal Pelor Farmlands
205 LBS
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

Cover image: Berenger Coldren by Antti Hakosaari
Character Portrait image: Berenger Coldren by Antti Hakosaari

Berenger Coldren

Fighter 4 Class & Level
Soldier Background
Human Race
Lawful Good Alignment

Strength 16
Dexterity 9
constitution 15
intelligence 10
wisdom 14
charisma 12
Total Hit Dice 4
Hit Die 1d10+2
2 proficiency bonus
12 Passive perception
5 Strength
-1 Dexterity
4 Constitution
0 Intelligence
2 Wisdom
1 Charisma
saving throws
-1 Acrobatics
2 Animal Handling
0 Arcana
5 Athletics
1 Deception
2 History
4 Insight
1 Intimidation
0 Investigation
2 Medicine
0 Nature
2 Perception
1 Performance
1 Persuasion
0 Religion
-1 Sleight of Hands
-1 Stealth
4 Survival
Hit Points
The Common Tongue
Longsword Attack- +5 to hit and D8+7 damage when used one handed Attacks

Chain Mail and shield, Longsword, two hand axes, Dungeoneer's pack

Personality Traits



Second Wind- As a bonus action regain D10+fighter level HP. Once per short or long rest

Action Surge- One your turn you may take an extra action. Usable once per short or long rest

Improved Critical- 19 and 20 are critical hits for this character

Dueling Fighting Style- While wielding only one weapon this character adds +2 to damage rolls

Proficiency- All armor, all shields, all simple and martial weapons, card games, history, insight, athletics and survival

Charger- If this character takes the dash action they may use a bonus action to attack or shove after the movement. If this character moved at least 10 feet it may add +5 to the damage or increase the shove movement to 10 feet
Features & Traits


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