Telar Brindel

(TEL-are BRIN-dell)

A major naval station for Foere after the secession of Pontus Tinigal and the maritime dominance achieved by Oceanus, Telar Brindel was largely left to its own devices, allowing it to fall under the influence of Westden. Repopulated and refurbished, Telar Brindel is a small garrison city that now exists for the most part to support the fleet of fighting ships maintained by Westden to protect its merchant vessels from pirates, sea beasts, and overzealous Princeling ships, as well as to protect the waters of the estuary from uninvited incursions.


8050 humans, 677 smallfolk, 73 elves.


The city is governed by a council of elected burgesses, subject to the ultimate authority of the admiral in charge of the fleet and fortifications. Since the sea-fleet of Westden is almost entirely based in Telar Brindel, and the sailors drawn from the area of the Amrin Estuary, the admiral is generally a native or long-term resident of the city, or a noble from the nearby country who has advanced through the navy’s ranks. The distant government of Westden has thus far been intelligent enough to realize that sending an admiral from a landlocked river-city to command a seagoing fleet is not a recipe for naval victories.   The current Admiral of Telar Brindel is Sir Gowan Maulwin, the second son of a knightly family whose landholdings are only four miles from the city, and which has a long tradition of sending younger sons (and sometimes daughters) to sea. There are a few other families with the same tradition, and they refer to themselves as the “Sea-Knights.” Admiral Maulwin is particularly fond of this term, and uses it whenever possible. He is a fair but somewhat inflexible person, willing to let the city run itself as it sees fit, but exerting iron control over his ships, sailors, marines, and fortifications. It is not unusual for him to hire mercenary marines to supplement the small “official” contingents of his warships, provided that he implicitly trusts the mercenaries. A reliable cleric in the group (particularly one of Thyr or Muir) is usually required for any party of mercenary marines to obtain such employment.


As a military port, the city is well defended by a garrison of 500 Free Defenders along with the ships’ complements for the vessels anchored in the harbor. Heavy catapults and ballistas protect the walls and harbor, in addition to two fire projectors designed by the Wizards’ Guild of Westden and manned by a squad of its charter members. There are also 2 full companies of cavalry stationed here, though one is usually involved in patrolling the length of the Trader’s Way toward Eastgate and Zobeck. Finally, the high tower of the citadel holds stabling and quarters for three Griffon Riders who serve as scouts and messengers as needed.


A large portion of the city’s population is engaged in the business of building and repairing ships, for Telar Brindel’s shipbuilding facilities are better than those at Eastgate, where the harbor is devoted to trade. The shipwrights of Telar Brindel build warships for Bard’s Gate’s small navy, and generally have one or two merchant vessels under construction at any given time. Extensive repairs to a damaged ship may be obtained here, and the quality of work is excellent.   In addition to shipbuilding, Telar Brindel is a waypoint for merchants engaged in overland trade with Zobeck, and of course also provides the basic manufacturing and markets of any small city serving the needs of the surrounding countryside.

Large town
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
The Borderlands
Owning Organization
Amrin Estuary

Max Clerical Spell Level

Good 4, Neutral 4, Evil-

Notable NPCs

Admiral of Telar Brindel, Sir Gowan Maulwin (LN male human) ; High Priest Lorimar Greentide of Quell (CG male human) ; High Priestess Cailin Quiet of Vanitthu (LN female human)

Purchase Maximum/Month



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