This is a very heavily fortified seaport, with massive towers overlooking a deep harbor crowded with armed sailing galleons and long war-galleys, as well as merchant caravels and cogs. Trebuchets are mounted atop the larger towers, and the smaller towers bristle with mangonels and ballistas.   Eastwych is a major port for the Kingdoms of Foere and principle headquarters of the Foerdewaith navy. The city is quite ancient, dating back to the pre-Atlantean era as a major producer of salt. High-quality brine springs remain a major source of income to the present day.


23,524 humans, 2100 smallfolk, 580 elves.


In addition to the fleet, the Court of Courghais maintains a large garrison of Foerdewaith soldiers and marines here at the massive citadel to guard the port itself, patrol the nearby coastline, and serve as ships’ companies for any naval venture that is ordered by the Overking. As a result, Eastwych has a complex system of laws and jurisdiction: The civilian Municipal Senate has its city court (called the Regular Court), the Citadel of Troops has a military court, and the Admiral of the Fleet has a third court dealing with matters maritime. By tradition, lawyers in Eastwych wear tall, square hats, dye their beards blue, and are adept at ensuring their clients cannot be legally prosecuted by any of the three courts. Those willing to pay the exorbitant fees can buy virtual immunity from the law, as long as they keep their transgressions to a moderate scope.   The post of Grand Admiral of the Foerdewaith Fleet is held, by tradition, by a noble of Eastreach Province, though the appointment can change at a moment’s notice at the whims of Courghais and is subject to the orders of the Crown in all things concerning the fleet. The actual garrison and military personnel of Eastwych port and the Citadel of Troops, however, are commanded by an admiral assigned from Courghais itself and is never a local noble. While the Grand Admiral of the Fleet holds greater rank and command within the hierarchy, the admiral commanding the port in reality exercises more practical day-to-day power by design in order to prevent an loosening of the Overking’s hold over his own fleet. Now the Royal Fleet’s presence in Eastwych is vitally important since it prevents incursions. Officially, the Foerdewaith marines quartered in the Citadel of Troops are ready at a moment’s notice to invade and conquer the lands of Foerdewaith's enemies and take back what was once the Overking’s. In reality, of course, the garrison is by no means capable of such an ambitious enterprise, despite reports sent by the two Foerdewaith military commanders to their superiors in Courghais.

Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
The Borderlands
Owning Organization
Eastreach Province

Max Clerical Spell Level

Good 4, Neutral 6, Evil 3 (hidden)

Notable NPCs

Baron Teonj of Thovre, Grand Admiral of the Foerdewaith Fleet, (LN male human) ; Admiral Treston Artraguis, Commander of Eastwych Naval Base (LN male half-elf) ; High Priest John Augustinian of Quell (N male human) ; High Priest Gesantu Sear of Mitra (LG male human)

Purchase Maximum/Month



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