A hamlet of fifteen buildings or so stands near the road, clustered together on a hill surrounded by fields and stone enclosures for the oxen that graze nearby. Judging by the number of enclosures, raising oxen must be the hamlet’s main business, and there is certainly an omnipresent smell pervading the village to support that assertion.


97 humans, 1 dwarf.


Optimistically, perhaps, there is an inn located atop Oxmulch’s hill, where the ordure smell is less pungent than in the lower fields. Because the hamlet is widely separated from other habitations (not surprisingly), many travelers on the Cross Cut Road are forced to either stay in the hamlet or travel through the night to reach another inn. The Sign of the White Ox offers comfortable beds, and the vegetables grown here in the manure-rich fields are enormous and tasty. The inn’s food is absolutely delectable if one can ignore the occasional wind-borne whiff from the fields below the hill.


The grasses around Oxmulch are extraordinarily nutritious for oxen, causing them to produce an extremely powerful fertilizer in large quantity. This manure is the hamlet’s main product, brought by the cartload to surrounding farms where it is used in the fields most distant from habitation. Unfortunately, since the oxen are kept near Oxmulch, the hamlet has an extraordinarily ripe smell to it. The inhabitants are saturated with it, and anyone staying overnight here reeks of manure for at least 24 hours after leaving.

Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
The Borderlands
Owning Organization
Eastreach Province

Max Clerical Spell Level

Good 2, Neutral -, Evil-

Notable NPCs

Norman the Ox, Innkeeper of the White Ox (N male human) ; Father Imbroglio of Thyr (LG male human) ; Clive, local drunk (CN male dwarf)

Purchase Maximum/Month



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