A small, stone keep atop a low hill overlooks a small village built directly below it. A fast-flowing stream runs nearby, past a wooden waterwheel mill, and a few more farmhouses and barns are visible across the fields. The houses of the village are mostly half-timber and plaster, with steeply sloped rooftops. One of these buildings is larger than the rest, and has a tavern sign hanging over the door.   Overall, the village of Becqueril is a pleasant, rustic place, with a tavern, the Cat and Mouse, which rents three sleeping-rooms above the drinking hall. A water-driven mill, a smithy, and a leatherworker are the only real industry here, and visitors are a sensational break from the ordinary, everyday life of a rustic community.


172 humans.


Becqueril is a village built around the ancestral castle of Baron Jauntir of Becqueril, whose domain extends approximately five miles in all directions from the castle. There are 15 knightly manor houses in the barony, and two other villages about the same size as Becqueril: the village of Oton and the village of Cthayr. The rest of the barony’s population is scattered throughout the area in isolated hamlets.

Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
The Borderlands
Owning Organization
Aachen Province

Max Clerical Spell Level

Good -, Neutral 2, Evil-

Notable NPCs

Baron Jauntir of Becqueril (NG male human) ; Goodman Clothiper, innkeeper of the Cat and Mouse (LG male human) ; Friar Maulc (LN male human)

Purchase Maximum/Month



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