Drownboat Crossing

Dirt roads from the countryside converge for miles into one broad, unpaved track before entering the gates of Drownboat Crossing, the name marked on the few wooden signs along the roads. The town is at the edge of the Great Amrin River and flies a large banner over the gatehouse of a yellow boat with waves below it on a field of blue.   Drownboat Crossing is one of the few ferry-points across the Great Amrin upriver from the Amrin Ferry itself. Numerous cart tracks and dirt roads converge here, where farmers and merchants have crossed the ferry for generations. The town has four large boats that bring visitors across the wide river. On the far side of the river from Drownboat Crossing, there is a small dock and a building for the ferrymen-on-call on the far bank. By use of well-placed bribes and a share of the revenue, the last Baron Foundofter managed to obtain a concession from the Lord-Governor to be the exclusive ferry-point for several miles of the Amrin’s banks. Several traditional ferries were shut down, other than two that paid a large enough bribe to stay in operation.   It costs a silver coin per person to be ferried across, and an additional silver if a wagon and draft animal are crossing as well. Despite what one would think from the town’s name, the ferryboats are all sound and the passage is quite safe.


3258 humans, 961 smallfolk, 68 elves.

Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
The Borderlands
Owning Organization
Eastreach Province

Max Clerical Spell Level

Good -, Neutral 3, Evil 2 (hidden)

Notable NPCs

Baron Owen Foundofter (N male human) ; Sulliwyn Stormrush of Kamien (N female human) ; The Reverend Qwain Main of Moccavallo (CN male human) ; William Wildpiper of Pan (N male halfling) ; Drunken Dove Brownrobe (N female human)

Purchase Maximum/Month



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