Gretspaan Citadel


This is a small town dominated by a large citadel-fortress located directly beside the Royal Vermis Road where it heads toward the Great Bridge, visible in the distance. The Citadel has a separate drum tower on the far side of the road, and a fortified bridge that arches across to link the citadel to this detached tower, allowing archers to fire down onto the road if need be. Both the citadel and the town walls are well-maintained, and the place bustles with the ordinary activities of a rural town. The flag of Aachen Province, a spotted yellow tiger on a green field, flies over both the citadel and the town. A small green canopy is set up by the side of the road where it passes the town. Some clerks sit at a wooden table underneath the canopy’s shade, accompanied by two bored-looking guardsmen wearing yellow and green surcoats with the spotted tiger.   On the south bank of the Great Amrin River, just within the border of Aachen Province, stands the fortified citadel of Gretspaan, seat of the Regional Governor of Gretspaan. The citadel serves as a strong border fortress, and also quarters the various customs officials who collect their own tariffs on merchants entering the Province from Westden. These tariffs are extremely high, for the court of Courghais in Foere has authorized the Lord-Governor to charge a hefty surtax on Westden caravans, over and above the ordinary tariffs levied on citizens of Foere for the use of royal roads. The total population of Gretspaan, between soldiers, customs officials, and peasant staff, is approximately 1100. Travelers are welcomed into the town, but are not permitted in the citadel unless they have business with the Regional Governor or the garrison. The temples of Belon and Vanitthu are located in the town, along with other small temples to Freya, Sefagreth, and Thyr.


1005 human, 162 smallfolk.

Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
The Borderlands
Auricard of Gretspaan
Owning Organization
Aachen Province

Max Clerical Spell Level

Good -, Neutral 4, Evil-

Notable NPCs

Lord Lucard Moutond, Citadel Commander (LN male human) ; Baron Auricard, Regional Governor of Gretspaan (N male human) ; Battle-Chaplain Bajirad Lasalte of Vanitthu (LN male human) ; Cassandre Velt of Belon the Wise (N female human) ; Ualmagond (LG male human wizard)

Purchase Maximum/Month



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