Amrin Ferry

The Amrin Ferry is a fortified landing operated by Westden to protect river-barges that ferry local produce across the estuary to be sold in Eastgate. Wagons filled with hay, firewood, and vegetables accompanied by Eastreacher peasants and the occasional cow make their way to the Ferry and thence to the city’s hungry markets. Caravans almost never use the Lowwater Road; it is much safer for any Eastgate-Eastwych trade to sail along the coastline rather than traverse the neglected and dangerous road.


228 humans, 25 halflings.


The leader of Amrin Ferry is the commander of the garrison, currently Falzar Kennick (male human), who commands a contingent of 100 cavalrymen.

Inhabitant Demonym
Amrin Ferrier
Location under
The Borderlands
Owning Organization
Amrin Estuary

Max Clerical Spell Level

Good -, Neutral -, Evil-

Notable NPCs

Commander of the Amrin Ferry Garrison Falzar Kennick (LN male human) ; Bailiff Winddrift Lowwater (LG female human)

Purchase Maximum/Month

300gp (there aren't any merchants here)


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