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Fable May: A Contest of Tales from Childhood

Once Upon a Time - A classic opener to avoid historical settings
  Stories its something we are all familiar with here at World Anvil. We have dedicated many hours of our day to writing them and suffered many more sleepless nights when writer's block kicked in. It is an age-old profession that we seek to honor like all that came before us as we tell our own stories for others to read with excitement and wonder. But let's take a step back from where we are now to where it all began, in our childhood. For it was here that from every storytime, bedtime story, and life lesson that we were shown a new world of fantasy and wonder by those that came before us. They go by many names, myths, legends, fables, and fairy tales, all, however, have one common place, that they are all stories to tell to all ages. Now here is where you come in, someplace in the back of your mind is one story from that time that has stayed with you and inspired you from that time that probably brought you to where you are now and on your journey to write your own stories.   That is what this challenge is all about, creating your own tales within your worlds to better understand what it values and the far-off places that its readers find themselves in. It is also a way to go back and reconnect with that childhood self of yours to help inspire you and contemplate how far you have come from that point. I hope this finds you easier to write than my first challenge since not many people entered and should be fun if you wish to enter. Your story can be a life lesson to teach children to be better or just an epic tale of a hero saving the day, just enjoy creating your story. All the info that is needed for the challenge is down below to ensure you are not lost when you are on your trip down the rabbit hole.  

The Shiney

  Now if you guessed right like last time you will be a winner if you participate in the challenge and receive a reward. That reward will be a brand-new badge that will be a part of your long list of other badges that prove you're up for a challenge. All will be given in due time and maybe a little fairy dust might fall on it to add that nostalgia to it. But the real reward will be the adventure you will be having on that yellow brick road you have found yourself on. So enjoy the journey while you still can.  

Thou Shall Follow Thy Rules

  • Articles must be dated during the challenge!
  • The article must be public and published. Only one can be done per person!
  • Use the myth/legend article.
  • English is preferred, it can be translated if written in another language
  • No minimum, no maximum! ( Just don't let it drag on for too long).
  • There will be nothing racial or bigotry in the story but mark your work as NSFW or give a warning if using dark tones and themes for your tale as many originals are, no need to make them too unpleasant.
  • Place your article in the comments and the challenge article in your article to spread the word.
  • Must be sent by May 31 before Midnight and no wishing on a star for an extended deadline!

Happily Ever After

  Well, I have to say that I can call this competition a success, due to the number of responses that came from the community this time, nice job guys. To all that have joined this challenge congratulations on creating more stories that inspired you of your childhood and now you can pass these stories down to a new generation of readers and beyond. As promised, your badge is yours for your effort and I had a wonderful time reading all of them. Never give up on that spark that started it all, for it is the reason that the fire for writing continues within you and should you ever lose that tiny spark will help reignite that fire when you need it the most.   Now seeing how this worked out, I have decided to create more challenges in the near future for all to attend and most likely make you overthink to the point of insanity, but it's best not to worry about that for now. All I know now is that I have a lot of work to do and prepare to load up for the Summer Camp around the corner. You of course won't be able to see of course because I plan on spying on the competition from afar and comfortably might I add as I watch them work on their homework while I make a cheat sheet. I know I shouldn't but I just love it when I come up with diabolical plans to challenge my rivals. Expect to hear from me soon because I have more to come in the news as I continue to expand my literary empire on a much grander scale that might make you blush or leave you in awe, until next time.
by midjourney
Celestial Gluttons
Myth | Sep 27, 2023

The seven celestial gluttons seek to eat the stars, the moons, and the sun.

The Myth That Nearly Doesn't Exist
Myth | Jun 16, 2023
Blessing of the Popcorn Phoenix
Myth | May 30, 2023
Fable of the Yellow-Eyed Witch
Myth | Jun 6, 2023

Grim children's fable about Loviatar and her deadly temptations.

The Dragon Scale of Wisdom
Myth | May 13, 2023
The Flowering Fields of Above
Myth | Jun 15, 2023
Wishing Wall
Myth | May 16, 2023
The Tale of the Lizard Queen
Myth | May 29, 2023

A tale of alien creatures in ancient times and the struggle to live in the face of insurmountable odds.

The Sunflower Serenade
Myth | May 22, 2023

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8 May, 2023 13:39

Here's mine. The seven Celestial Gluttons that want to eat the stars, the moon, and the sun.

Celestial Gluttons
Myth | Sep 27, 2023

The seven celestial gluttons seek to eat the stars, the moons, and the sun.

Check out my entry for the Treasured Companions Challenge: the Ghost Boy of Kirinal! His article also spilled over into Adventuring With Ghost Boy full of plot hooks and his 5E stat block!

Jacqueline Yang
8 May, 2023 18:34

The Myth That Nearly Doesn't Exist   I finally finished my myth. It took me a bit of time, mostly because I really made it too complicated, but I hope you like it!

Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
9 May, 2023 23:56

This was such a fun challenge! I've wanted to revisit my popcorn phoenix to write up an article on the blessing and this was the perfect opportunity. Thank you! Hope you enjoy the Blessing of the Popcorn Phoenix!

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11 May, 2023 19:24

I did it. Mine is a dark and grim tale about a witch that serves tasty treats to children, but kills them without mercy if they break her one rule.   Hope you like it. Don't get scared, now.   https://www.worldanvil.com/w/amanor-craniumbeaver/a/fable-of-the-yellow-eyed-witch-myth

11 May, 2023 19:26

Let's try again with the linkage:   Fable of the Yellow-Eyed Witch

11 May, 2023 20:27

It does not work, try block link and make sure your article is public

May you forever find your way on the journey you set out on and make yourself greater.
The Sagas world cover
12 May, 2023 03:18

Works now. Note to self: don't change the name of the article after linking to it.

12 May, 2023 19:18

Thank You Jester for this lovely challenge. Here is my entry of a brictaelgican fairytale. I hope there is no confusion with the word "scale" ;-) because there are two different meanings in English.  

The Dragon Scale of Wisdom
Myth | May 13, 2023

Stay imaginative and feel free to browse through my worlds Blue´s Worlds - Elaqitan - Naharin.
15 May, 2023 21:22

Here's mine! :D

The Flowering Fields of Above
Myth | Jun 15, 2023

I hope you have a great day!   Check out my Treasured Companions Challenge Entry!
22 May, 2023 16:56

I present to you my entry, the Sunflower Serenade! I hope you like it. :)  

The Sunflower Serenade
Myth | May 22, 2023

Sage HunterChristmas1247
Benard Calvin "Hunter" Hendrick VIII
23 May, 2023 03:16

The Mystical Afterlife Myth
Myth | May 23, 2023
  Thank you for doing this challenge! Firs unofficial challenge!