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The Mystical Afterlife Myth

In the World of Ancient Power, there are many myths about what happens after a member of it dies. Death is defined by Merriam-Webster as a permanent cessation of all vital functions. Dying is the ceasing of these vital functions.  

The Afterlife of Mystical Species

The first telling has the soul (or whatever you want to call it) returned back into the world. The species live long lives but those who want to can give their lives and be returned into the Aether and into the Spirit of Ancient Power. Those who do are honored and well-respected members of their race.   At least, that is what the explanation is often told. This, The Afterlife of Mystical Species Myth, is a traditional story known as a folk legend.   Another version of the tale is that these are reincarnated into new creations. A third story is told. It revolves around a mystical afterlife plane similar to Heaven but whether it exists or not is another question. The name of it is unknown although all reside in unity and in harmony.  

A tale is often told about the Guardians of Childhood Afterlife.   A Guardian of Childhood is immortal. Their work is for the health of the human race. If one should wish to leave, there would be the potential for imbalance if a successor does not take their place.   The tale states that one would have to renounce their powers and immortality. It would most likely cause them to die. Of what is not known. Turning into dust and passing away? Just pass away after renouncing their powers? Becoming mortal and then dying?   This is only a myth, nothing more. One thing is the starting trio are gods and aren’t capable of doing this.  
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SECRET: Nicholas would later retire but not this way. He and his wife lead The Eight through a portal leaving Earth and Ancient Power behind. All ten end up at Christmas and Claus Realm where Noel-Incantus introduces him to the others. All of them have known their creator for years.
  It is said that the rest of them could retire and pass on into the next, they will be transported into the land of their holiday or job.   There are lands of all the holidays hidden beyond Earth.    

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