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The Flowering Fields of Above

This tale has a special place in my heart. It was something my father told me every night before I went to bed, before he left me for the skies above. Do I realise now that it was utter tosh? Yes. But I still like to look into the skies every so often and picture him up there, watching me, making sure I'm okay.
Look above. See those little dots in the sky? Those are pretty little flowers far, far away.
One day, I'll be up there, watching over you, making sure you're okay. One day, you'll join me. And your children. And your children's children.
It may be difficult, those times when I'm not with you. But I promise you, sunshine, that we will be reunited one day. I promise.
My mum and dad are up there, somewhere in the Flowering Fields of Above. Watching me, making sure I'm staying safe. I wish you got to know them, they were amazing people and they would have loved you so much.

A lot of parents had alternating versions of this story to tell their children. It was their way of reassuring their child that death is not something to fear. And it works, I am no longer afraid of death. Death isn't something to fear, it is simply the next step in all of our lives. Sure, we may not be able to see the people we know in this life ever again, but that's part of the journey. You meet new people all the time, you forget people all the time, how is death any different? Am I numb to it all? Who knows.

As I said before, all parents tell their children some version of that story. Every person's story is meaningful in their own way, and it sticks with them for their entire lives. I am incredibly grateful that my father told me this story, as I like to believe he's the reason I am so strong now.


Author's Notes

This is an entry for Fable May, an unofficial challenge ran by Jester%!

Fable May: A Contest of Tales from Childhood
Generic article | Jun 2, 2023

A challenge for anyone that has a tale to tell and a childhood to relive.

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Awww what a beautiful story.   Bonus points for 'tosh'. :D

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15 May, 2023 21:43

Thank you! I like to sneak lots of British stuff in Jerna's language xD

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