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The Myth That Nearly Doesn't Exist

This was done in honor of Jester%'s Fable May
It's a strange myth that's for sure. No one is quite sure where the myth came from or how it got popularized. it is known, however, that it got famous very quickly. And before anyone knew it, the only thing that people talked about was him.   This very strange fairy.   The strangest thing about the myth is that it almost doesn't exist.

The Myth

The tale usually begins with a young boy appearing in front of someone's bedroom window. And it's anyone's window. A man, woman, married or single. Boy or girl. Young or old. Whether this is because of how the myth spread or how it originally started I can't say.   But this young boy or young man possibly, convinces a person to come on grand adventures. He has them simply tell him what adventures they would like to have, and he makes it come true.   How he does it no one knows, but people say it's an illusion. Others say it's simply an overactive imagination. But a very small few believe that it's magic. A strange spell the fairy casts. But not a harmful one.   The only thing that seems to be consistent about the myth is what the boy looks like. No one could agree on the color of eyes (some said blue or brown maybe even green) or the hair color (some said red, blonde, or brown, someone even suggested purple.) But everyone agreed on his outfit.   He had large, delicate wings that were so white they were almost see-through. A sparkly blue fedora with a large green feather. He had a Hawaiian-like shirt with a couple shades of blue, tan, and white over that he wore a red sparkly vest. His pants were sparkly gold or Hawaiian shorts with white leaves and green flowers with a blue background. (One rumor went around that it was somehow both.)   The thing is not much is actually known about the myth. What exactly does it say? We don't know. The details have long since vanished, but I suppose maybe that's a good thing. it leaves children the opportunity to imagine that this fairy can be whatever they want him to be, instead of shoving him into a box, forcing him to be this or that.   But one thing I would like to leave you with is this: people have met him. That's a fact, and I wouldn't be surprised if you have too.
by midjourney
Date of First Recording
--20.23.6 OR --20.30.6
I know his name. He called himself "Just Kidding."
— Fairy Witness
He was cute, but he never told me anything personal. I don't even think his name was real.
— Fairy Witness


Author's Notes

To all of you wondering, Yes this is based off of someone. If you know, you know. And if you don't, don't worry about it, (inside joke you see ;) )

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