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Rilanga Spring Lanterns

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Decorative Lamps used in the Spring Crab Day celebrations of the Rilanga.


The lanterns were cylindrical and framed with iron on both ends. The lower frame held the burner unit which could be screwed out for refilling the oil and lighting the wick. The upper frame held a small roof above the flame to protect the lantern's surroundings from the heat. A semi-circular handle was attached to this frame via two pins which made it possible to fold the handle down for easier storage during the year.   The main body was made of stained glass in yellow, orange and pale greens. Patterns were mostly composed of circular and oval shapes arranged to resemble flowers.   Lanterns came in various sizes, from the small models used by common households to the large ones used to decorate commercial and governmental buildings.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Light was provided by a small oil burner. The oil in question was produced from the nuts of mulukolkad trees, or rather an ancient relative of those.


These lanterns were used by Rilanga families and organizations in the yearly Spring Crab Day festivities. This tradition evolved from the artificial lighting required when Ranul's inner face lies in darkness, combined with the idea of celebrating the return of natural light in spring.   To strengthen the community spirit, the lanterns were usually placed on the outside of buildings. Many of those had permanently installed hooks for hanging the lanterns every year. Together with the regular street lamps, this made settlements unusually bright, while the stained glass patterns created a mood unique to this holiday.
Alternative name(s)
renbi mi novu
Item type
Religious / Ritualistic
~ 16 - 64 cm tall
Raw materials & Components
stained glass in iron frame
mulukolkad oil burner with silk wick

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Author's Notes

Expanding a little on one of the Summer Camp prompts for Spooktober. Here are some details about the lanterns that the Rilanga used to put up during the "festival related to a celestial body". I plan to include those lanterns in the Nonfi Nis video game in some fashion, either just standing around on a shelf or serving as functional props. We'll see.

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