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Constellation Café

The Nicó Bygeónió is a popular café about half a kilometer away from the Ondalin Observatory.

Purpose / Function

Food and Drinks

The café offers various baked goods and related foods, from fresh bread and savory sandwiches to sweet rolls, cakes and pies. Fruit pies in particular are a special passion of the owner, and so there is usually a large number of different types available. As for drinks, the Nicó provides fresh bygeó with a wide range of additions for every taste, as well as various flavoured milk drinks and fruit juices.


People can either take their food home or sit down to eat and drink right there. The Nicó can accomodate about two dozen guests inside the dining room and another three dozen guests in the garden behind the building.


It is a medium-sized two-story building with a romantic garden wrapped around the outer walls. The architecture is kept rather simple, but not without the typical Nimýric elegance.   About two-thirds of the ground floor are taken up by a spacious dining room with the ceiling supported by a few evenly-spaced columns. The rest of this floor holds the kitchen and a counter area where people can buy the various baked goods. Behind the house, a wide terrace sits below the trees of the garden.   The upper floor contains the private rooms of the owner's family.


The café was established around the time when the Ondalin Observatory was built. Initially, the son of a local baker used to take a carriage up the mountain in order to sell fresh bread and bygeó to the construction workers there. Soon the baker's family decided to branch out properly, first setting up a wooden shelter and later obtaining permission to build a proper house there.   The café was welcomed by the observatory project leaders who anticipated that it would benefit them in the long run. Consequently, a special deal was made. The city of Ondalin agreed to fund part of the building, and in exchange, the café was to grant discounts to the astronomers working at the observatory.   Over the years, a small residential area has formed around the café. Today the building is surrounded by an inn next door, a grocery store on the other side and various small businesses across the street.


The Nicó is famous for its fruit pies, and its location makes it a popular place to rest for school classes during excursions to the observatory. Other customers include people who stay at the inn next door, mostly scholars or visitors of the local residents. Special events such as weddings or holiday celebrations often see the Nicó bustling with activity.
Table of Contents
Founding Date
1414 PN
Alternative Names
Nicó Bygeónió
Cafe / Tearoom
Parent Location

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