The Books of Life in The Cylinder's Library


The flora of the Cylinder world is even more diverse than its fauna. Countless species of moss, herbs, algae and trees have been described in the Library. These various plants have adapted to a life in every corner of the Cylinder, from its deepest and darkest caves to its highest mountains.

Greater Fauna

Among the Cylinder's diverse fauna, a few species are of notable interest. Their intelligence, sociability, and tendency to copy one another, have caused them to take part in a large, shared accumulative culture: what is broadly defined by sedentary humans as civilization. The following articles present these particular sapient species.

Monstruous bestiary

As much as people always try to categorize every things into neat little packets, things always resist that categorization. In the case of Life in the Cylinder, this is observed in the form of anormalities: creatures that are not quite animals, nor plant-like. Things that are clearly alive, yet are not entirely or not at all organic. Things that behave like pure spirits, and yet have a physical form. Things that should not really exist, or at least which existence is hard to explain. In other terms, monsters.

Cover image: by Pouaseuille