Ghost Whales

Countless reports and legends of the Trisean region report the story of encounters between sailors and terrible, nightmarish sea monsters. Creatures that can turn a sunny morning into a terrible hailstorm by simply appearing. Creatures that turn fishers insane before breaking their ship and eating them.   The Ghost Whales are the name given to what is thought to be the common denominator of all these encounters.   This document, written and edited by Gretsor Barren, gathers both physical and cultural characteristics of what seems to be a complex amalgamation of myths, legends, and several layers of Brain gnats interacting with one another.

Basic Information


From the outside, Ghost whales are said to look fairly similar to regular crescent whales. However, they can be distinguished by two major aspects. Firstly, they always have a relatively large bump at the center of their head, that contains a larger, solid brain instead of the regular whale brain. Secondly, the relatively deep blue that is characteristic of Crescent whales generally fades and turns to a greyish, more somber tint.   Finally, it is relatively hard to observe the shape of a Ghost Whale. Indeed, the presence of the animal in the Spirit World is particularly strong, which is thought to be the reason for all the monstruous folklore surrounding the sea : the presence of a ghost whale almost systematically triggers violent hallucinations, as a profound wave of terror surrounds the observer. The Circle light tends to fade, the whale seems to grow indefinitely, large shadowy tentacles seem to appear from the depths... All of which are hallucinations, though they are vivid enough for an untrained sailor to fall in a state of despair and curl up on the ground, softly crying, holding their head in their hand.

Dietary Needs and Habits

In addition to the vast amount of fish and krill that regular whales consume, ghost whales regularly have to reach the sea floor, and consume mixes of soil and Shadow Creatures that inhabit there. It is thought that this diet is what allows the whale to produce large amounts of ghostpowder it uses to heal and defend itself.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

While they are much rarer than crescent whales, ghost whales occur in roughly the same area. They can be found in most of the Three seas, as well as the vast underground networks that surround these seas. Similarly to how the Crescent whales breed exclusively in the Crescent Sea, Ghost whale are seen in much larger numbers in this area.
by Pouaseuille

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Genetic Ancestor(s)
85-130 years
Average Weight
30-33 tons
Average Length
18-19 meters

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