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As you take the larger bird-shaped doll from the set, you feel it slightly shudder. You drop it out of surprise, and it falls back motionless on the table.   A few documents seem to have appeared next to where the doll fell: some medical document excerpts, some essays. A few pictures. You cannot decipher most of what is written. A small note has been placed on top of the pile.  
Condoris are, along with Birdkins and Hominis, one of the three dominant Human species of this world. They are also the heaviest known species of birds capable of flight.   While they are a social species, Condoris do not behave quite the same as Hominis and Birdkins. They take part in civilizations, of course, and are mostly legally treated in a similar fashion as other people. However, they are often said to struggle to grasp some forms of social concepts, and tend to be treated as outsiders in urban societies.   Condoris are very prone to living in the wilderness. In fact, it is believed that the vast majority of them inhabit outside of all civilizations, in regularly scattered nesting houses.   ...   It is just like the other two species, really. There is both too much to say about them, and yet very little that could actually be useful for you.   For your consideration, I elected to... ả̸͖̟͗d̴̻͂̎j̸͉͗̿̀u̸̻̅̌s̵̢̠̈̐t̷̙̻̫̤̑̈ the wooden doll you took. Should you take it, documents and data related to Condoris will appear to you.  
  It appears you cannot read the majority of the following documents. Instead, only a few images seem to capt your attention.   The first images represent Condoris from various environments.  
  The following images seem to represent Condoris interacting with Birdkin from a group you do not know. All individuals are marked with shared beak paintings. The main indication seems to be that Condoris are well-appreciated, and valued members of Birdkin societies all around the Cylinder.  
  The final images are simplified drawings of wild Condori dwellings. You also notice an excerpt from a journal. It seems it wants to teach teach you documents.  

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Jan 10, 2023 01:03

I want to know more about how their social interactions... lack. Can I take the doll again?   There seems to be far less information than other humans, I wonder how they would feel about it, if one were to know.

Kriltch, arcanities not included.
Jan 10, 2023 09:03

You'll probably find a basket filled with dolls in the near future, that may help you take the doll again.   As for the lack of information, it is indeed the thing with Condoris: they are far less numerous in cities than other humans, only a few thousands in citis of a million souls. As a result, they are a bit of a "mysterious" species, with a lack of documents on their regards.   Still, more documents on their subject may appear later!

With love,   Pouaseuille.