Shortfaced Bear

Shortfaced bears are very large carnivores that live in hill environments close to rivers.

Basic Information


The shortfaced bear is the largest carnivore that can be found in the Cylinder. These towering beasts usually walk on their four legs, although they can sit or stand on their hind legs in a similar fashion as a human being. Compared to other bear species such as Cave or Social Bears, the Shortfaced bear has relatively long legs. When walking on all four, shortfaced bears is tall enough to look a human straight in the eyes.   Shortfaced bears are built to move in a pacing motion. Although they are not capable of reaching a great speed, they are surprisingly enduring, able to pursue their preys for dozens of kilometers. As soon as their prey is at reach, their ten-centimeters claws are able to put an abrupt end to the life of the fleeing prey.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Most bears in the Cylinder are opportunistic omnivores. This is also the case for the Shortfaced bear. Although it is a good long-running hunter, its large mass is an issue when pursuing small, agile preys. As a result, the bear also eats fruits, nuts, and roots it can scavenge.   In average, an adult bear requires around twenty-five kilograms of food per day to survive, including ten kilograms of flesh. However, it is known that upon finding a large carrion, or upon successfully hunting, a single bear is able to eat up to fifty kilograms of meat in a single meal.   The usual preys of shortfaced bears include escaped cattle, deers, wild boars, and even other predators such as Wolves or Grippers, species that are too small to intimidate the enormous bear.

Biological Cycle

The Shortfaced Bear is a hibernating species. During autumn, it will gather as much food as possible, eating up to fifty kilograms of flesh, nuts and fruits, before it digs itself a burrow, or find a small cave. The animal will spend the winter hidden there, only going out to drink and defecate.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Shortfaced bears are loners. They spend most of their life as loner, only meeting other bears in the mating season. Once mate form, the male will spend time with the female for several months, as a mean to ensure the correct carriage of the pregnancy. A few weeks after the cubs' birth, the male will abandon the group, and let the female finish raising its cub for a total of two years.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Shortfaced bears are found on the north west of the Cylinder, from the Merinos point of view. Their distribution can be limited by the Western Giants in the south, and the Darklands and Mirrored Mountain range in the east and West.   In the north, Shortfaced bears are in competition with Social Bears. Although they are much larger and stronger, the social behaviors of the latter species helps it deterring the Shortfaced from attacking.
Scientific Name
Arctodus spp.
20 years
Average Height
3.0 m on their hind legs
Average Weight
700 - 900 kg

Cover image: by Pouaseuille


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